Managed Security Services and Security Operations

Managed Security Services and Security Operations
Managed Security Services and Security Operations


Our Managed Security Services

These are trying times for IT executives and boards of directors as companies struggle to minimize both the frequency and cost of data breaches. The growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and a seismic shift to remote work has significantly increased the likelihood of a cyber incident, and the costs of such an event are soaring. The current cybersecurity talent gap only adds to the challenges.

Protiviti’s highly flexible, client-focused, innovative methodology based on people, process and technology addresses three of the most common cybersecurity challenges in today’s market:

  • The ever-evolving attack landscape
  • Too many products and services to maintain
  • The difficulty in maintaining security staff

Our cyber professionals have helped secure environments across industries of all sizes. Our analysts venture into the unknown to proactively discover new cyber threats and are prepared to address the challenges in your organization.

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How Protiviti Can Help

Our managed security consultants can help with the following:

Managed Detect and Respond

Security leaders face a constantly evolving threat landscape in an increasingly competitive talent market. Our Managed Detect and Respond (MDR) solution directly addresses your hiring and retention challenges. We will fill your resource needs with a staff of specialized resources trained in threat monitoring, detection and response services, providing around-the-clock support for your environment. While standard cybersecurity tools are good at stopping simple breaches and attacks, Protiviti’s robust MDR services offer thorough, proven methodologies, including:

  • Security operations assessments
  • Threat detection
  • Threat monitoring
  • Threat hunting
  • Incident response
  • Alert and incident analysis
  • Swift response actions reducing attacker dwell time, active threat hunting and threat containment
  • Forensic investigations
Managed Cloud Security Operations

Even if you have already migrated to the cloud, cyber threats are evolving faster than ever, people with the cybersecurity skills you need are difficult to find, and organizations are overwhelmed by security alerts, investigations and responses. Protiviti can automate many of the redundant aspects of your mature security operations and help you focus on higher-level thinking and strategic initiatives. For a fraction of the cost, you can sleep easier knowing your information assets are protected.

As they continue to adopt cloud technologies, enterprises need to keep their systems, applications, workloads, functions, and capabilities safe and secure. Protiviti’s Managed Cloud Security Operations offers significant benefits through systems that provide continuous protection, including:

  • Threat monitoring, threat detection, and threat hunting
  • Cloud security monitoring and response cloud security migration, modernization and continuation
  • Digital transformation security management
  • Cloud security risk mitigation
  • Cloud security staff augmentation
  • Multi-cloud security management
  • Protection for critical cloud assets and for users
Threat and Vulnerability Management

With an ever-growing risk landscape, companies face numerous challenges including limited availability of qualified security professionals to help discover, remediate and report on vulnerabilities, disparate asset inventories, overwhelming number of vulnerabilities and false positives. This requires significant time to prioritize remediation efforts, while a lack of actionable metrics limits visibility of current threats to the organization. Protiviti provides a comprehensive offering that includes.

  • Vulnerability program development
  • Vulnerability scanner deployment, configuration and scanning
  • Vulnerability analysis and prioritization
  • Remediation Management and Patching Services
  • Integration with other tools/technologies including SIEM tools and ticketing platforms
  • Metrics and reporting

The Managed Services offering provides unique advantages including the following:

  1. Cost savings through the Protiviti partnership.
  2. Understanding of critical assets to enable prioritized scanning and targeted remediation efforts.
  3. Expert insights into vulnerability exploitation and remediation techniques.
  4. Enhanced visibility of the Vulnerability Management program success and remediation activities.
Digital Identity as a Service (DIaaS)

Identity is the new perimeter, and zero trust is the guiding principle. Having a well architected and professionally managed identity service, complete with governance, is critical to a complete security posture. The DIaaS offering provides the following benefits:

  • Access to Protiviti’s deeply skilled resources delivered at a predictable annual fee
  • Optimized Identity Management operations and infrastructure maintenance that supports Level 2 and Level 3 triage and resolution activities
  • Identity lifecycle management and selected risk services respond to dynamic compliance and business process changes
  • Analytics and metrics embedded in continually monitored risk and compliance controls, mitigating risks
  • Standardized reporting that tracks continuous improvement for business-as-usual operations, reducing cost and improving the user experience
  • Optimized compliance and audit reporting to achieve business strategies and objectives

As experts in DIaaS, we support all the core identity technologies such as Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), Privileged Access Management (PAM), Directory Services and Access Management (SSO and Conditional Access). We work in partnership with the leading vendors in the industry.

Privacy as-a-Service (Protiviti PraaS™)

With the existing shortage of privacy professionals and ever-changing privacy landscape, privacy compliance continues to pose a substantial hurdle for many, especially for multi-national organizations. Protiviti Privacy as a Service (Protiviti PraaS™), is a managed service privacy offering helping companies assess their privacy needs, implement effective compliance measures and respond to new and changing regulations.

This privacy offering is focused around five main priority areas, allowing companies to focus on their core operations by automating privacy-related functions and providing much needed support and expertise to manage corporate data and keep up with changing legislation across jurisdictions globally.

  • Recurring data inventory, classification and records of processing maintenance
  • Data Subject Rights (DSR) request management
  • Privacy platform management
  • Privacy by design assessment and engineering
  • Monitoring privacy legislation and program management

As experts in DIaaS, we support all the core identity technologies such as Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), Privileged Access Management (PAM), Directory Services and Access Management (SSO and Conditional Access). We work in partnership with the leading vendors in the industry.

Security Operations Centers

Protiviti’s Security Operations Centers provides an end-to-end solution which integrates multiple, disparate capabilities to help businesses prepare, monitor, alert and respond to global enterprise security risks. The Security Operations Centers measures the likelihood and impact of incidents and tracks trending risks that CISOs can bring to the board or other executive members and also enables enterprise and technology leaders to have the continuous monitoring they require to proactively mitigate all cyber issues.

Whether it is ongoing cyber risk quantification (CRQ) or ongoing cyber security risk management, Protiviti’s Security Operations Centers supports the need to monitor and manage global enterprise security risks.

  • Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) as a service
  • Situational awareness monitoring and alerting
  • Security data analytics reporting
  • Workflow tool to route relevant information to the right people
  • Risk intelligence monitoring to continuously collect real-time risk intelligence]
  • Global crisis management, 24/7 response


Asset Management as-a-Service

Protiviti helps organizations discover assets in the cloud and on-premises, automate security compliance, hardware, and software asset lifecycle management, and drive overall asset strategy, procurement, deployment, and maintenance. The leading use cases of these capabilities include:

  • Endpoint protection: Help detect assets missing an endpoint agent, or identify those that have the right agent installed, but where the agent isn’t working.
  • Vulnerability management: Help uncover assets not being scanned by a vulnerability assessment tool.

  • Cloud security: Help find cloud instances not being scanned for vulnerabilities, are misconfigured, or are not adhering to industry benchmarks.

  • Incident response: Use enriched, correlated data on assets, from different data sources, to help expedite incident response investigations and remediation.

  • Continuous controls monitoring: Help automatically identify assets that stop adhering to your overall security policy.

  • Security policy enforcement: Help automatically address assets that don’t adhere to your security policies.