Power, Utilities and Renewables

How is Protiviti different from other firms:

We align very well to the Energy Transition given our focus on sustainability and innovation. Embracing this shift is critical to consumer confidence, investor expectations, and overall success and we are driven to help our clients throughout. Our global energy team is partnering with power, utilities and renewables leaders to help understand market trends and opportunities.

The importance of this industry in the overall climate change discussion reinforces our focus and continued investment in the partnerships and team development necessary to assist our clients through this change.  Combining the right expertise across many different disciplines ensures our clients have a holistic solution to enable their future success.

2024 Top Risks in the Energy & Utilities Industry

Resistance to change has long been a hallmark of the energy and utilities industry. But forward-thinking leaders are realizing that the only status quo that will allow their businesses to evolve operationally, digitally and culturally to meet new demands and expectations, drive innovation, and help share the energy industry of the future is one of continuous changes and strategic risk-taking.

Challenges and Opportunities

Power, utilities and renewables are facing a number of critical challenges and trends in the market, from infrastructure demands to calls to improve the customer experience to talent demands and much more.

Sectors we serve

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Power and Utilities

Protiviti helps power and utility companies identify, measure and manage their regulatory, financial, operational and technology-related risks. Our energy professionals possess innovative expertise and a wide range of industry experiences to help your company in the “energy transition”.

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In the global transition to reduce carbon, all organizations are being impacted. As the renewable energy market expands, Protiviti helps organizations use every advantage available to strengthen their competitive stance, increase efficiencies and reduce costs from development to operations and trading.


Our Power, Utilities, and Renewables services

In today’s rapidly evolving environment, a trusted advisor — who not only provides relevant insights but delivers a combination of strategic vision, proven expertise and practical experience — can enhance the value of your business. Our consulting experts provide solutions tailored to your organization and industry’s unique needs in the following areas:

Operational efficiency

Optimize operations during challenging circumstances

We help you identify the people, processes and systems to optimize operations during challenging circumstances. This drives increased efficiency and scalability and makes the best use of technology and other resources to optimize the supply chain and working capital.

Optimize operations during challenging circumstances

Digital and Advanced analytics

Revamp processes to be more efficient and insightful

Understand the opportunities represented by new technologies and apply them to improve performance:

  • Leverage machine learning and AI to support advanced analytics
  • Identify improvements and adopt digital transformation initiatives, such as robotic process automation
Revamp processes to be more efficient and insightful

IT and OT cybersecurity

Protect your business and your customers

Provide solutions, advisory, and assessment services to reduce cybersecurity and compliance risks and better protect key systems and critical data. Our OT security team is highly experienced with leading frameworks compliance regulations and provide greater assurance for the safety and resiliency of operational environments:

  • Protiviti’s team of Security & Privacy professionals have industry-specific experience assisting clients with mitigating cybersecurity risks across each of the domains (Identity, Security Monitoring, Security Strategy, Data Protection, etc.)
  • Our team of OT Security experts understand the unique safety and operational challenges of OT environments and have experience providing assisting clients with improving the security and resiliency of their production environments/networks.
Protect your business and your customers

Energy transition

Understand market trends and opportunities

As the global energy sector shifts from fossil-based fuels to more renewable-based sources, clients need support. We assist with expertise in information technology, carbon smart technology, policy frameworks and market instruments, among others.

Understand market trends and opportunities

Performance improvement & Managed services

Increased performance and efficiency in finance and accounting

Realize increased performance and efficiency in finance and accounting, integration, cash acceleration and more:

  • Offload peak volume and transaction processing backlogs
  • Design and implement shared services model
Increased performance and efficiency in finance and accounting

Technology modernization & innovation

Revamp processes that are repetitive, time consuming and inefficient

Embrace enhanced technology and new ways of thinking to drive the business forward.  Sample services include:

  • Establish technology strategy and architecture
  • Support IT modernization through selection and implementation of systems and tools
  • Build an inspiring organizational culture that promotes innovation and creative thinking
  • Conduct ideation sessions to inspire team creativity
Revamp processes that are repetitive, time consuming and inefficient

Sustainability (ESG)

Sustainability defines an organization

Sustainability continues to evolve as companies recognize supporting environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is essential to survive in the marketplace. Sustainability defines an organization, setting it apart from its competitors while impacting the whole organization in varying ways and intensities. While many companies are aware they must act, they find it difficult to strategically tackle the issue.

  • Assist Clients with ESG Data and Reporting
  • Assess Sustainability Program Maturity
  • Design Internal Controls focused in Sustainability Governance
Sustainability defines an organization

Energy risk management

Understand and manage the ever changing risks

In an era of price volatility for wholesale commodity markets, energy management is one of the most relevant issues for all energy players. The industry requires a deep understanding of the physical and financial markets and related risk management techniques. Protiviti supports clients in defining the right strategy and managing the uncertainties.

Understand and manage the ever changing risks

Next-Gen internal audit

Grow confidence to meet ever-changing business challenges

Use internal audit to gain insight and grow confidence to meet ever-changing business challenges:

  • Convert internal audit into a resource for business knowledge and analysis
  • Develop solutions that address complex business and industry compliance challenges
Grow confidence to meet ever-changing business challenges


Client Story

April 18, 2024

Intelligent Document Retrieval System, Powered by Responsible AI, Helps Reduce Air Pollution

This company is a leader in the supply of after-sale services to the world’s engine and compressor markets and is trusted by nuclear power plants, the U.S. military and both public and private electricity generators around the globe. With the EPA’s recently announced Good Neighbor Plan in mind, the client needed a quick, reliable air pollution reduction strategy....


Tyler Chase
Tyler is the Global leader of Protiviti’s Energy and Utilities (E&U) industry, which covers all segments of the Oil and Gas value chain, Power & Utilities, Renewables, and Mining. In this role, Tyler ensures that Protiviti has robust offerings in Internal Audit ...
Guido Zanetti
Guido is Managing Director, Global Power & Utilities sector leader and head of the Italian Risk & Sustainability practice in non financial institutions. Before joining Protiviti in 2004, Guido worked four years in the consulting practice of Deloitte focusing on ...