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Unlock business insights through evidence-based analytics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way we do business. Across all industries, from technology to healthcare, financial services and consumer products, organizations are adopting AI, intelligent automation and advanced analytics to improve processes, drive new business opportunities and increase competitive advantage.  

We partner with organizations to solve business challenges with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence services that improve speed, enhance precision, and optimize customer experiences. 

As companies progress on the journey toward digital transformation, AI is a key element that promises to deliver critical insights leading to accelerated innovation and success while protecting critical business assets.

Accelerate innovation with critical insights from AI

Our AI Solutions and Capabilities

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Improve Operational Efficiency

Through automating repetitive processes such as invoice processing, contract review, document digitalization, our services improve efficiency, speed and reliability while enabling employees to focus on higher value activities.

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Empower Employees

Identifying the right talent for the right roles and upskilling your existing labor force are the key to success in today’s market. We use machine learning to match candidates to upskill on high demand skills that enable employees to excel in more rewarding roles.

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Solving New Business Problems

Emerging business problems are often hard to manage. Our Machine Learning and AI services team works with business domain experts to create custom solutions – helping you understand new challenges and offer data driven insights to solve new business problems.



Scott Laliberte
Scott is the Global Leader of Protiviti’s Emerging Technology Group. Scott and his team enable clients to leverage emerging technologies and methodologies to innovate, while helping organizations transform and succeed by focusing on business value and managing risk. His ...
Lucas lau
Lucas is a Director in Protiviti’s Machine Learning & A.I. practice within the Data Management and Advanced Analytics solution. He has 14+ years of experience in leading machine learning and artificial intelligence teams and projects in insurance, healthcare and ...
Christine Livingston
Christine has spent over 15 years in technology consulting, with a background in implementing new and emerging technologies. She leads IoT initiatives at Protiviti and is passionate about enabling new technology and capabilities with a security-focused mindset.  ...

Case Studies

The client needed to improve their invoice and remittance process. Each month, they received and processed approximately 4000 supplier invoices, each with a unique format, design and data structure. Each invoice was reviewed, and the required accounts payable information was manually keyed into the procurement system. This process required considerable resources, which affected their ability to meet remittance and payment timelines.   

The client sought a cost-efficient, automated solution that would allow them to increase efficiency and scale as the number of vendors changed.  

Implementing Protiviti’s automated invoice processing solution in the cloud, leveraging machine learning and RPA which incorporated structured data output, the client reduced manual and time-consuming effort by 50% and enhanced the overall vendor relationship by providing a faster and more accurate remittance process.

A luxury sport apparel company needed an automated solution to quantify and classify their customer feedback that would enable the company to create an actionable strategy and improve their customer service experience. Protiviti successfully conducted quantitative and qualitative analysis to define the root cause and key areas of improvement for customer experience and business operations including: Protiviti’s Artificial Intelligence algorithm to classify text into defined categories and Natural Language Processing derived text analytics to further understand structure, sentiment, and intent.

As part of the COVID-19 stimulus package, substantial funding was provided to the SBA for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). The application window was tight with an extremely high volume of applications needing to be entered and processed. Each application required over 50 data entry points and a single error could cause the entire application to fail, resulting in an applicant needing to start over. The client desired an automated solution to quickly enter in the loan application data and reduce errors.

In two days, Protiviti's team designed and delivered an automated processing solution that ingested the customer loan application, extracted line items and key information, then entered this information into the SBA website. Utilizing an attended UI Path Bot, the client significantly scaled the application entry process, increasing the volume of applications which could be processed with higher accuracy and reduced portal time.

A leading courier delivery services company, managing nearly 8,000 packages per day, was experiencing delays and errors in their processing centers. Challenges included special handling requirements for oversized packages and cardboard material packages to be identified and set aside through human intervention. This manual process was error prone, often resulting in the unnecessary stoppage of conveyor belts – disrupting processing and lowering efficiency.

Utilizing deep learning and image recognition for the conveyor belt video feed, Protiviti developed two proprietary detection algorithms to quickly and accurately identify oversized packages and recognize cardboard material. These solutions were designed to be hosted in the cloud environment, enabling scalability for peak seasonal demand.