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Achieve business value in the cloud – securely, efficiently and confidently

The power of the cloud offers many benefits and advantages, but only if your cloud capabilities align with your business objectives. Protiviti’s cloud consulting services help organizations implement and adopt cloud capabilities that align with defined business outcomes, including cost savings, agility, scalability and innovation.

Protiviti’s cloud consulting services help you harness the power of the cloud to transform and modernize your organization, identify opportunities to gain competitive advantage, and improve business efficiency and operations. We provide an end-to-end approach, from envisioning and planning through migration, implementations, and managed services.

Leverage Cloud to Take Your Business to New Heights

Our Cloud-First Approach

There is a notable increase in demand for cloud solutions and strategies. The future of work, including new models of distributed and virtual workforces, the demand for improved customer experience, and the necessity for new products, are driving urgency for greater computing needs. Organizations are moving to the cloud to provide virtual service delivery, new processes, new applications, optimized costs, and improved agility to rapidly adapt to business priorities.   

Therefore, today’s technology strategy must include the cloud as a key component for organizations looking for a rapid response to change, disruption, and enhancing business resiliency for systems, programs, people, and technology.

Organizations need an experienced partner to help them achieve the value that the cloud can offer.

Protiviti’s cloud consulting services help organizations wherever they are in their cloud journey. Whether you are in your initial stages of planning and strategy, need assistance with managing multiple cloud environments, or desire additional value and innovation from your mature cloud deployments, Protiviti will help you adopt cloud capabilities throughout your cloud journey that align with defined business outcomes.

Our heritage and expertise in audit, security, and data privacy ensure that your cloud environment is safe and governed. As a partner with the major cloud vendors (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud), we work to ensure you get the most out of your cloud environment.  


Randy Armknecht is a Managing Director currently leading the Global Cloud Advisory practice within Enterprise Cloud. Randy partners with clients to improve the value of their cloud environments. This includes: stronger governance, operational resiliency, and well ...
David is a Managing Director and Protiviti’s global Enterprise Cloud lead. His primary focus is driving the growth and implementation of our cloud services across the globe.David has over 22 years’ experience across a variety of industries and senior IT transformation ...

Powerful Partnerships

We believe our partnerships play a key role in driving collective success for our customers.  Therefore, we partner with the largest cloud service providers to support your technology modernization journey.  Our professionals are digitally native with extensive skills and experience and stay up to date in cloud technologies.  This combination of expertise and partnerships enables us to better understand your business challenges and provide integrated, holistic solutions that support your goals and deliver value through our complementary strengths. 

The Innovation vs. Technical Debt Tug of War

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Case Studies

Situation: A leading provider of wealth management services was unable to launch Microsoft 365 and the cloud across the enterprise despite multiple efforts. This highly regulated organization needed a PMO strategy that provided governance and compliance and met strict regulations from multiple countries. 

Value: The client met corporate compliance, legal and security requirements to enable the global enterprise rollout of Microsoft 365 while receiving training and education on security and compliance solutions. 

Situation: The client needed to migrate a large monolithic, home-grown ERP system to an AWS environment. The legacy applications had numerous resiliency, performance and security issues and incidents. Preventing disruption to critical systems was a top priority to maintain customer satisfaction and quality of support.

Value: The client can now provide state-of-the-art SAAS operations to their 8,000+ customers, no matter their scale or locations with faster time to market, reduced operations cost and improved customer experience. Continuous improvement capabilities helped the client future-proof their investment by addressing operational resiliency, performance and security issues.

Situation: A state government with a population of over 8 million and numerous agencies needed assurance that their cloud consumption was efficient, secure and financially sound. They sought to enable a consistent and scalable approach to cloud consumption. 

Value: The client benefitted from a centralised adoption framework that enabled strategic decision-making to provide cost and security optimisation across all agencies. 

Situation: A billion-dollar, US energy company sought a trusted partner to assess their newly developed cloud environment, built by a third party. The client was unsure that their cloud infrastructure met compliance and resiliency requirements. 

Value: The client discovered security risks within their environment and received a tailored solution design built for resiliency against system failures and security threats.