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The global pandemic may have limited our ability to physically interact with one another, but it did not break our innate need to experience life together. Companies that continue to adapt to this new reality while remaining focused on the human need for personal interaction and memorable experiences will thrive today and tomorrow. At the industry’s resilient core are steadfast companies and leaders who are committed to delivering seamless, personalised customer experiences, building and maintaining a purposeful brand, maximizing revenues, investing capital, and using technology to innovate for the future of business and leisure travel.

In this time of change, Protiviti will continue to help companies respond to evolving customer needs through digital transformation, technology and process innovation, advanced analytics, environmental and social stewardship, and the enhancement of guest experiences and customer loyalty.  Additionally, Protiviti helps companies manage omnipresent risks, including enhancing safety and security during tumultuous times, protecting customer information and remaining compliant with related data privacy laws, managing third-parties and disruptions in the supply chain, acquisition and retention of labor, and more.

2024 Top Risks in the Consumer Services Industry

Discover Protiviti’s top risks survey report 2024 in the hospitality and airlines industry to mitigate risks and comprehend their potential impacts.

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Hospitality and Leisure

The hospitality industry remains focused on customer satisfaction and meeting leisurely needs. With a customer-first mindset for the newly adapted business and leisure traveller, our industry clients span companies that provide accommodations (e.g., hotels, resorts, timeshares, sharing economy companies, hospitality REITs), travel and tourism (e.g., OTAs, cruises, casinos, online gaming, amusement parks, marinas, ski resorts), leisure (e.g., sports teams, fitness centres, event planning and venues, golf clubs), and more.


Maximize success across core business areas

As the airline industry aims to increase operational efficiencies, improve customer experiences, and get back to solid profits, Protiviti is helping to build custom solutions that maximize the chances for success. Our industry team works with a variety of airline companies across the globe such as the major, national, regional network and charter, and private / corporate air carriers involved in transportation of passengers or cargo, as well as maintenance facilities, catering, ground handling, aircraft leasing and airport operations.

Maximize success across core business areas

Other Transportation

A return to travel, whether by land, air or sea is a welcomed opportunity for business and leisure travellers alike. Protiviti works with passenger railway, rental car, and other transportation companies to enhance core business areas for optimal efficiency and sustainable, long-term growth.

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Scott Kamenick
Scott has over 26 years of experience in consulting and public accounting, providing risk management and audit services to clients predominately in the Hotels, Motels, and Resorts segment of the Hospitality industry. He has significant experience helping hospitality ...
Nichole Minice
Nichole Minice is a managing director in Protiviti’s internal audit and financial advisory practice and the Phoenix office market lead. She has more than 18 years of audit experience in the consumer products and services sector, helping clients to understand and develop ...
Naomi Wolak
Experienced Managing Director with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry with extensive international experience. Skilled in Internal Audit, Accounting, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), Internal Controls, and Financial ...