Finance Transformation

Change the way finance works

Finance Transformation

The role of finance executives is dynamic, constantly evolving to keep pace with technology and the changing demands of internal and external customers.

Protiviti helps finance leaders address their current challenges, prepare for future challenges, and explore opportunities for continuous growth, delivering innovative solutions and supporting finance as a forward-thinking, strategic partner for the business.

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Finance Transformation

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Global Finance Trends Survey


September 30, 2022

2022 Global Finance Trends Survey

From automation and cloud to ESG and talent management, CFOs are reimagining their long-term roles The takeaways from the results of our latest Global Finance Trends Survey confirm that CFOs continue to extend the value they deliver to the organization far beyond the boundaries of traditional finance and accounting activities. CFOs make pivotal contributions to...

Redefine your finance function

How do you build a resilient finance function in a time of ongoing disruption and change?

Build a Finance Function Focused on the Future

How do you build a resilient finance function in a time of ongoing disruption and change?

How do you optimize and integrate new technologies into your existing processes to enable automation and scalability?

How do you meet regulatory requirements and prepare your team for new ones?

The demands on the finance function are constantly growing, and Protiviti is here to help.

Harnessing intelligent data lineage, new technologies, and digital tools, Protiviti helps transform finance organizations for the future. At the core of our methodology is aligning people, process, and technology to drive efficiency and productivity, enabling change and creating value for the entire organization.

We drive finance transformation, from assessments through the execution of strategic initiatives to address the challenge now with a focus on the future of the enterprise. We provide solutions tailored to achieve your goals and provide a framework for continuous growth, including:

  • Technology enablement to optimize core finance and accounting process (record to report, source to pay, order to cash, plan to project)
  • Effective data governance to ensure control and oversight
  • Measure and report on new SEC standards related to ESG
  • Advanced analytics for real-time metrics to satisfy rising internal and external expectations
  • Balance skills and scale with a service delivery model designed to address changing demands
  • Enable sustainable change organization wide by improving alignment, collaboration and delivery

How do you build a resilient finance function in a time of ongoing disruption and change?


Christopher Wright
Chris is a Managing Director in New York, leads Protiviti's global Finance Transformation and Transaction Services solutions, oversees Protiviti’s Supply Chain, Operations, People and Change practices, and serves on our global ESG steering committee. He is the firm-wide ...
Shawn Seasongood
Shawn is a Managing Director leading the Finance and Performance Management segment. He assists clients globally in business and system transformations to address growth, scalability of systems, challenges and process effectiveness. Shawn is a leader within the ...
Ken Thomas
Ken is a Managing Director in Tampa with extensive expertise providing proactive business advice and delivering controllership over core financial reporting and compliance, planning and projections, and transformation through continuous improvement of finance operations ...
Andrea Spinelli
Andrea is a Managing Director in Boston with experience in accounting and finance operations, target operating model design, shared services, and process optimization. Her background includes industry accounting operations, external audit, and business consulting. ...

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Through our alliance partnerships, we connect innovative services and technology with consulting expertise to optimise key finance and accounting processes and business performance initiatives.