Cost and Performance Management

Leverage real-time data to create lasting and meaningful change.

As organizations face challenges and struggle to find the right talent to meet increasing demands, the time is now to start refining cost and performance management.

We help you gain access to a transparent, timely view of your financial performance at any time. With the ability to access data and reports remotely and from multiple channels, our cost and performance management tools deliver superior performance and results.

Our experts help you improve data quality, efficiency, and operational results.

Develop innovative approaches to scalable and sustainable cost control

Optimize costs and strengthen your organization with Protiviti

How We’re Helping Our Clients

We deliver a wide-range of capabilities to support your organization's unique finance needs and beyond:

Our Approach

Performance measures for the finance and accounting team must align with the overall business strategy. This ensures that your organization has the key capabilities and data to make decisions and take action. We help develop innovative approaches to scalable and sustainable cost control.  

These insights enable organizations to make intelligent business decisions and drive performance and growth while managing risks.  

At all times, you can dive into the relevant data and reports and track your organization’s performance in real-time.

Using leading practices, our professionals deliver solutions in the following key areas:

  • Budgeting, planning and forecasting
  • Data management and strategy, and visualization
  • Cost optimization and strategies to save capital
  • The improvement and standardization of policies and procedures
Cost and performance management methodology which includes organizational redesign, process improvement, technology enhancements and automation and improving the quality and access of data and reporting

Our Methodology

Organizational Redesign
Our advisors assess the skills of your current employees and evaluate opportunities to integrate cross-functional teams throughout the planning processes from departments such as finance and accounting, demand planning, procurement, sales and marketing, and HR. 

Process Improvement
We’ll assess your current processes and establish a current framework for linking strategic plans into annual planning and forecast processes. After developing and implementing a comprehensive, integrated business planning process, we’ll work across finance and HR to connect incentive targets to financial performance. 

Technology Enhancements and Automation
Together, we’ll look at the system architecture across business units and/or geographies. We’ll coordinate and implement your technology enhancement projects for maximum efficiency and results.

Improve the Quality and Access of Data and Reporting
Our advisors analyze or develop a standard set of reporting across divisions and at a consolidated level. They’ll perform strategic analysis to build or improve upon financial models, data quality, and data access, as well as identify opportunities to optimize operating spend and investments.


October 24, 2023

2023 Global Finance Trends Survey

Explore Protiviti’s 2023 global finance trends survey with expert opinions, financial forecasts, and financial risk assessments. Download the full report.


Shawn Seasongood
Shawn is a Managing Director leading the Finance and Performance Management segment. He assists clients globally in business and system transformations to address growth, scalability of systems, challenges and process effectiveness. Shawn is a leader within the ...
Andrea Spinelli
Andrea is a Managing Director in Boston with experience in accounting and finance operations, target operating model design, shared services, and process optimization. Her background includes industry accounting operations, external audit, and business consulting. ...
Ken Thomas
Ken is a Managing Director in the Business Performance Improvement practice. He specializes in finance operations  strategy, implementation and transformation of financial systems and their underlying data governance, process  reengineering, and ...
Nick Mckeehan
Nick is a Managing Director who serves as Protiviti’s Global Leader for Financial Reporting Remediation & Compliance services.  He has over 20 years of experience leading Finance Transformations, including: public company transitions, financial accounting ...
Mark Gosnell
Mark is a Managing Director in Protiviti’s Los Angeles Office, leading the West Coast Finance & Performance Management practice. Prior to joining Protiviti, he was an executive leader at IBM, managing large-scale business transformation, process improvement and ...

The Need for Improved Forecasting in a Challenging Marketplace

The market’s volatility is changing the way organizations use forecasting approaches. The traditional forecasting method of collecting a stable set of fixed costs, demand projections, and other inputs is no longer enough to keep up in a rapidly changing landscape.

That’s why Protiviti’s consulting services use advanced, dynamic forecasting methods that automatically access real-time data based upon an evolving collection of internal and external systems. These real-time financial insights equip stakeholders with the information they need to make critical decisions.

Now more than ever, we need real-time data at our fingertips to propel decisions at critical business junctures. With the help of Protiviti’s consulting services, we can amplify the impact of your organization’s data and create lasting and meaningful change.

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