Business Planning & Analysis

Navigate volatility and evolving challenges through the power of business partnership and financial planning and analytics to support long-term growth

Business Planning and Analysis

The future is difficult to predict.  When coupled with market volatility, economic shifts, and evolving workforce dynamics, organizations must become even more strategic and agile to remain competitive.  Protiviti's Business Planning & Analysis practice supports our clients through this accelerating pace of strategic decision making with real-time planning activities, leveraging analytics to provide meaningful insights to drive business performance.

Navigating this challenging environment is a continuous journey, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Protiviti's Business Planning & Analysis team:

  • Customizes solutions to enable meaningful strategic, analytical and financial insights to drive critical business decisions.
  • Designs scalable and agile processes supported by technology, automation and advanced analytics.
  • Cultivates a culture of cross-functional collaboration and alignment across our clients' organizations.
Business Planning and Analysis


October 24, 2023

2023 Global Finance Trends Survey

Explore Protiviti’s 2023 global finance trends survey with expert opinions, financial forecasts, and financial risk assessments. Download the full report.

How We’re Helping Our Clients

We deliver a wide-range of capabilities to support your organization's unique finance needs and beyond:

Playbook: Drive Results & Navigate Uncertainty

How to Build an Effective Business Planning & Analysis Function

Our Business Planning & Analysis Offerings

The next generation of financial planning is business planning & analysis (BP&A). BP&A is an enterprise-wide collaborative effort to develop meaningful strategic, analytical, and financial insights to drive critical business decisions in an agile environment. To establish a successful BP&A function, agility, and cross-functional collaboration, coupled with the ability to source data and intelligence from across the business, are critical elements to deliver financial and business insights to drive decisions and navigate uncertainty.

  • Financial Performance Support
    • Financial models – long-range plan, budgets, forecasts
    • Working capital planning and optimization
    • Management reporting
  • Strategic Decision Support
    • Scenario management
    • Strategic cost optimization
    • Pricing and profitability analysis
    • Pro-forma modeling
  • Analytics
    • Data & analytics strategy
    • Business intelligence, reporting and analytics
    • Big data & advanced analytics
  • ESG
    • Metric development and tracking
    • Forecast and capital planning impacts
  • Process Optimization
    • Process assessment & benchmarking
    • Process design and enhancement
    • Digital transformation
  • Target Operating Model Design
    • Organizational assessment
    • Service delivery design – shared services, centers of excellence
    • Skills assessment and talent upskilling
    • Finance business partnership
    • Incentive alignment
    • MBS resource support model
  • Financial Reporting Transformation
    • Report standardization & rationalization
    • Financial reporting and strategic initiatives alignment
    • KPI development and alignment
  • Systems and Tools
    • Planning tool selection support
    • Implementation support
    • Integration support
    • Data migration and data conversion
    • Infrastructure strategy for data warehouses, data lakes and big data platforms
    • Digital transformation / automation strategy and enablement
  • Data Governance & Management
    • Data governance strategy
    • Master data management (MDM)
    • Data strategy development
    • Data assessments and hierarchy mapping
    • Data quality assurance
    • Data security
  • Public Company Readiness
    • FP&A infrastructure buildout
    • IPO financial model development
    • KPI benchmarking
    • Analyst Day support
    • Roadshow presentation support
  • Other Transaction Support
    • Financial model development
    • Due diligence support
    • Post-M&A integration planning and execution
    • Private equity portfolio advisory
    • M&A advisory / readiness assessment
    • Synergy planning and tracking


Kerry is a Managing Director in Chicago with experience in accounting and finance transformation. She advises clients across industries on financial planning and analysis, strategic reporting, target operating model design, process optimization and shared services.&nbsp ...
Tim is a Managing Director in Metro DC and leads business transformation programs to improve performance at global and mid-market enterprises. He teams with our TC practice to deliver business-led, technology enabled solutions based on leading practices and technologies ...
Andrea is a Managing Director in New York with expertise in strategic finance, financial planning and analysis, and reporting. She has more than 20 years of industry experience in various finance and accounting roles including divisional strategic finance, FP&A, ...