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Our world is changing. Are you leading the way to positive, sustainable change? 

Sustainability continues to evolve as companies recognize supporting environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is essential to survive in the marketplace. We know that sustainability defines an organization, setting it apart from its competitors while impacting the whole organization in varying ways and intensities. Yet, while many companies are aware they must act, they find it difficult to tackle ESG operating and reporting issues.

We believe sustainability is a continuous journey, presenting risks and opportunities. There are no blueprints or out-of-the-box solutions, and each company needs an individualized approach to ESG reporting and operations. 

Protiviti partners with our clients to effectively manage sustainability risks and maximize opportunities, while delivering financial value.

Research Guide

March 11, 2024

Sustainability: Frequently Asked Questions

The subject of sustainability continues to evolve and present challenges and opportunities for businesses. Protiviti has created a guide of frequently asked questions to provide helpful insight to help businesses navigate sustainability matters.

A Holistic Approach to Sustainability

Sustainability is a complex, multi-dimensional topic, with varying levels of understanding across industries and companies. Protiviti works closely with our clients to effectively evaluate what ESG means for your organization, helping build, implement, execute, monitor and report on ESG objectives that will evolve and grow with your organization. We want clients to understand the bigger picture, and to clearly identify where you can have the greatest impact on society and the environment, while maximizing performance. By focusing and implementing sustainability into your strategy, values, structures, processes, services, and products, you will also realize the value doing good brings.

Protiviti offers a holistic and integrated approach to position your organization for continued, long-term success.

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Christopher Wright
Chris is a Managing Director in New York, leads Protiviti's global Finance Transformation and Transaction Services solutions, oversees Protiviti’s Supply Chain, Operations, People and Change practices, and serves on our global ESG steering committee. He is the firm-wide ...
Ellen Holder
Ellen is Managing Director in Frankfurt Germany, EMEA Lead Sustainability and member of the global ESG Steering Committee. In Germany, she leads the “Sustainability, Risk & Culture” Service Line. Her focus is on sustainability and risk, with extensive expertise ...
Paul Middleton
Paul joined Protiviti in August 2018 and leads our capital markets business in London. Focused on 1st Line trading and risk management initiatives, Paul works closely with our global Solutions to shape advisory, transformation and remediation initiatives across ...
Steve Wang
Steve is a Managing Director with over 2 decades of experience in internal audit and sustainability reporting across different industries. Prior to joining Protiviti, Steve has worked with two public accounting firms: Deloitte & Touche and Arthur Andersen. Prior to ...
Sharon Lindstrom
Sharon is a Managing Director with over 30 years experience in providing audit and risk consulting services to companies primarily in the manufacturing industry. She leads Protiviti’s global Manufacturing and Distribution Industry team, supporting the pharma/life ...
谷口 靖美
Yasumi Taniguchi is Managing Director of Protiviti Japan and leads Japan practices. As a founding member of Protiviti Japan, she led the delivery of the country’s Enterprise Risk Management and Internal Audit and Financial Advisory solutions. Yasumi spent over 15 years ...

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