Sustainable Operations, Performance, and Improvement

Our planet sustains us. Are we doing all we can to keep our environment viable?

Commitment to ESG is more than a project. It requires a cultural shift, transformation of core processes and introduction of key measures that support a circular economy.

Protiviti’s Sustainable Operations, Performance and Improvement practice helps clients make positive environmental change happen as we work to develop and support global standards for people, materials, energy, and water. We are worldwide change agents ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.

We help you move from theory to action by changing behaviors and developing habits that support a culture of sustainability. We will implement operational processes that align with the expectations of your customers, investors and employees while also complying with rapidly evolving environmental standards and regulations.  

We are worldwide change agents ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come

How We're Helping Our Clients

CO2 Reduction

Change stakeholder expectations by identifying opportunities to reduce emissions that contribute to a sustainable environment.


Water Management

Increase water efficiency, create water savings, and implement a water stewardship culture.


Materials Management

Reach toward a true circular economy and waste-free culture by reducing and reusing materials.


ESG Health Check and Realization Review

Assess the environmental health of your organization and evaluate the effectiveness of sustainability measures aimed at achieving established targets.


Value Chain Enhancement

Shape behaviors and deploy solutions that help achieve supplier diversity and sustainable use of natural resources throughout the value chain.


Culture of Sustainability

Embed ESG goals and ambitions into your business strategy by creating a culture of sustainability through diversity, equity, inclusion, wellbeing, and workforce safety.


People Experience

Ensure all the touchpoints across the employment lifecycle are designed to create moments that matter to attract and retain the best talent. ESG and workforce of the future are connected as purpose, new methods of working, automation and social responsibility are key.


Data Privacy

Navigate the evolving landscape of data privacy requirements. Our global cross-functional team helps design, implement, and examine the effectiveness of your privacy program to protect customer and employee data against cyberthreats and other issues.

US Solutions

Our Approach

Protiviti’s approach extends well beyond traditional financial reporting and disclosure to deliver a holistic view of corporate performance, emphasizing sustainable operations and non-financial key performance indicators.  We help organizations identify and implement operational strategies that achieve KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) supporting emissions reduction, sustainable supply chain, supplier diversity and value chain compliance, developing a culture of sustainability.

To support the value chain sustainability, Protiviti offers solutions that drive sustainability practices throughout the organization.  Our sustainable sourcing solutions also support procurement of goods and services aligned with your corporate sustainability targets while delivering quality products at competitive prices.


Tony Abel
Tony is a Managing Director in Protiviti’s Supply Chain Solutions Practice and also the head of Protiviti’s Intelligent Process Automation practice. He is a distinguished consulting executive with particular strength in business transformation and automation, focusing ...
Kimberly Lanier
Kimberly Lanier is a Director in our People Advisory & Organizational Change Segment. In this role, she is responsible for leading the Human Capital Reporting segment of HR Transformation. Kimberly has over 20 years of experience in HR, Performance and People ...
Fran Maxwell
Fran Maxwell is the global lead of our People Advisory & Organizational Change Segment. Based in Phoenix, he brings to Protiviti more than 21 years of experience in human resources and change management consulting. Before joining Protiviti in 2021, Fran held ...
David Petrucci
David has 30 years of operational improvement and innovation experience working across industry, technology and consulting organizations.  His specialty is developing new business and organizational models enabled by the intersection of business & technology. ...


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