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Today, the manufacturing and distribution industry faces unique and complex challenges on a global scale. Even smaller organizations must navigate suppliers, logistics, and regulations from different parts of the world. As organizations search for ways to drive innovation in how they design, produce, and deliver, they often struggle to implement those changes for long-lasting value.

These challenges also provide enormous opportunities for companies to see beyond the short-term challenges and position themselves for long-term success.

Protiviti partners with leaders to help them achieve greater confidence in these dynamic and ever-changing environments. We aim to better understand the unique strengths, risks, and opportunities of your organization and its future goals.

With the help of a tailored, multi-disciplinary team of professionals that fits your situation and company culture, we collaborate to build custom solutions that maximize your chances of success.

While the process is never simple, our goal is to help you face the future with confidence.

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Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Industry

At Protiviti, we have built cross-functional teams across our solutions to address the volume and complexity of issues facing the Manufacturing and Distribution industry.

Our services to the Manufacturing and Distribution sector:

We help manufacturing and distribution organizations manage critical business challenges to help them face the future with confidence. Here are some of the most pressing issues we are helping organizations to address.
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As a result of their global connectivity, manufacturing and distribution companies face cybersecurity threats from multiple fronts. This can impact operations as well as the front and back office. We equip clients with the proper tools to protect against today’s most complex and innovative threats. Protiviti provides a holistic approach that defines what is most important to you, helping you to protect yourself and also react quickly when a breach occurs.

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Digital Transformation

Smart use of technology helps manufacturing and distribution companies better manage what they do and how they do it—with the added benefit of digitizing products and services to meet customer needs. We help you align people, processes, and technology to transform your organization and help you face a fast-changing future with confidence.

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Business Intelligence

For manufacturing and distribution companies, data is an asset. But it’s often challenging to identify and capture the right information to create business insights. Improving how you understand, organize, and leverage your data is a business imperative. Protiviti takes a pragmatic, personalized approach to data solutions. We tailor solutions that fit your organization, enhancing business value through more efficient collection, distribution, and usage of information.

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Supply Chain Optimization and Resiliency

The recent pandemic tested the interconnectedness of global supply chains. Supply chain disruption risks continue to impact manufacturing and distribution organizations. We can help you address emerging trends and existing challenges through solutions that position your organization for improved performance and resiliency.

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Cost and Performance Management

In today’s competitive global environment, the ability to make and manage smart capital investments, run efficient back-office operations, and manage cash flow are critical. We help you identify and implement cost management efforts that drive performance—in both good and more challenging times.

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Transactions, Mergers, and Acquisitions

Manufacturing and distribution companies seek three types of transactions to transform their businesses: Mergers or acquisitions to expand the scope of operations or value chain, divestitures to focus on core competencies, or capital infusions from the public or private markets. In all these situations, we provide independent advisory and due diligence services, helping you maximize value today and position you for success in the future.

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Evolution of Internal Controls

The demands on internal audit and finance functions continue to increase. Organizations today need not only accurate reporting but also insights to improve the business. We focus on helping you increase confidence with an evolving governance structure through world-class internal audit and finance functions.


Sectors we serve

Protiviti’s cross-functional teams serve a large and diverse client base in the Manufacturing and Distribution industry.

We help our clients face a range of modern challenges

Industrial Products

From industrial machinery and aerospace and defense to construction and electrical equipment manufacturers, we help our clients face a range of modern challenges. These challenges include a more elastic workforce and digitally-enabled workplace, differentiated and resilient supply chains, secure distributed IT infrastructure and systems, leveraging IoT for Industry 4.0. and automating time-consuming and costly processes.

We help our clients face a range of modern challenges

Achieve greater confidence


For distributors, warehousing companies, and supply chain service providers, we support their goals of intelligent supply chain technologies and the use of data, cost-efficient processes, supply chain resiliency, and differentiated customer experiences.

Achieve greater confidence

Deliver solutions to address operational challenges

Materials and Chemicals

We serve a diverse array of clients in industrial and specialty chemicals, paints and adhesives, pesticide and fertilizers, building materials, glass, ceramic and concrete products, as well as pulp and paper, rubber and plastic, and wood products manufacturing. Our cross-functional teams deliver solutions to address operational challenges such as cost pressures, sourcing strategies, offshoring/nearshoring/onshoring decisions, as well as technology solutions to streamline decentralized systems and data and ESG disclosures.

Deliver solutions to address operational challenges


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Nick Mckeehan
Nick is Protiviti’s Distribution and Logistics industry lead and a Managing Director in Protiviti’s Chicago practice. Nick has over 16 years of consulting, internal audit and financial controls experience with variety of industries including manufacturing, retail, ...
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Sharon is a Managing Director with over 30 years experience in providing audit and risk consulting services to companies primarily in the manufacturing industry. She leads Protiviti’s global Manufacturing and Distribution Industry team, supporting the pharma/life ...