Digital Assets & Blockchain

Building blocks for securing trusted connections in a sustainable crypto ecosystem

Protiviti provides end-to-end solutions and professional services to organizations engaged with blockchain and digital assets. These services range from product/use case assessment, advisory, strategy, architecture, build, testing, security and privacy, risk and compliance and internal audit solutions. They are offered to clients building products and services on blockchain-based infrastructure and financial services intermediaries enabling the custody and trading of digital assets. Our team of experts with cross-functional skills in Technology, Payments, Regulation, Cybersecurity and Privacy, Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance work as an integrated team to deliver services to Crypto native clients, Blockchain based Fintech firms and Traditional Finance institutions.

We advise our clients to actively prepare for a future of tokenized and natively digital assets as they recognize the transformative impact Blockchain will have on systems, processes and operating models. Our technology experts help enterprises navigate the complexity of the innovative technology trends by aligning them with business context and incorporating deep expertise in risk and regulations to holistically assess the considerations for scaling products and services using digital assets and blockchain based infrastructure.


December 22, 2023

2024 Top Risks in the Financial Services Industry

Protiviti and NC State University’s ERM Initiative have been conducting our Top Risks Survey for the past 12 years. This journey began just as financial markets around the world were starting their long, slow recovery from the global financial crisis, and has since covered the worst global pandemic in 100 years as well as near record-low interest rates followed...

We have the expertise to build and secure your blockchain applications and digital assets across several focus areas.

Pro Legal Briefcase

Blockchain Product Strategy & Advisement

Our subject-matter advisors partner with you to scope and develop strategies to leverage blockchain based infrastructure aligned to your business strategy and goals.

Pro Document Consent

Asset Tokenization, Wallet Integration, Smart Contract Development

We offer wallet development and integration services and custom application development on various Blockchain technology stacks.

Pro Document Files

Risk and Compliance

Working with various types of crypto-related firms, we tailor solutions from strategy to operations, and ensure compliance with regulations to identify and mitigate risks, address and remediate enforcement actions and ensure an overall effective and scalable program for your firm.

Pro System Security

Internal Audit & Financial Advisory

Our Internal Audit & Financial Advisory solutions helps Crypto companies establish, mature, and right size their internal control framework and independent assurance function.

Pro cloud

Web3 Application DApp Testing

We provide full-service security review and testing of your hybrid web2/web3 applications (frontend, backend, and web3) as well as web3-native Dapps.

Pro Location Globe

Smart Contract and Token Review

Protiviti offers security review, testing of Smart Contracts and Tokens. We provide recommendations and remediation measures through industry-leading best practices for securing digital assets.

Pro Tools Gear

Wallet Security Review

Protiviti provides full security review of your Web3 Wallet application including static scans, testing and security focus on known exploits for blockchain wallet applications.



Lata is a managing director in Protiviti’s Technology Consulting practice and Protiviti’s Digital Assets and Blockchain practice leader. Lata is a seasoned executive with over 24 years of experience in helping clients successfully navigate multiple business and ...
Michael Thor is a Managing Director in the Internal Audit practice of Protiviti. He has over 21 years’ experience in providing internal audit as well as operational, financial, and IT consulting services to organizations across a variety of companies within financial ...
Kim is Protiviti’s Global Leader of Technology Consulting. She is responsible for the strategy, offerings, consulting delivery and external alliance partnerships for all of Protiviti's technology capabilities, including Security & Privacy, Business Application ...