ESG Stakeholders and People

Stakeholders are demanding impactful, inclusive and transparent environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments and actions that consider the triple bottom line: people, planet and prosperity. However, many businesses struggle to properly engage their stakeholders on ESG-related topics and activities.

Our mission is to empower our clients to create sustainable, long-lasting value on the triple bottom line through truly understanding their stakeholders and by creating meaningful and engaging partnerships.  We help you move from theory to action by changing behaviors and developing habits that support a culture of sustainability. We implement operational processes that align with the expectations of customers, investors and employees while also complying with rapidly evolving environmental standards and regulations. 

Research Guide

March 11, 2024

Sustainability: Frequently Asked Questions

The subject of sustainability continues to evolve and present challenges and opportunities for businesses. Protiviti has created a guide of frequently asked questions to provide helpful insight to help businesses navigate sustainability matters.

How We’re Helping Our Clients

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Culture of Sustainability

We help define and embed ESG goals into our clients’ business strategy by creating a culture of sustainability through diversity, equity, inclusion, well-being and workforce safety.

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People Experience

We help organizations create moments that matter across the entire employee lifecycle to attract and retain the best talent. ESG and the workforce of the future are connected, as purpose, new methods of working, automation and social responsibility are essential.

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ESG Human Rights Due Diligence

We help clients assess their business processes, reporting and supply chains to assess their adherence to human rights and modern slavery legislation and regulations, allowing organizations to meet their company’s commitment to responsible and ethical business practices.

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ESG Workforce Transformation

By using ESG workforce planning strategies, we help organizations to assess and transform their workforce ESG capability to meet their future ESG business objectives.


Our Approach

We help companies establish a thorough understanding of their internal and external stakeholder groups through a detailed analysis and assessment to define the stakeholder scope. Once we have refined the groups of stakeholders, we utilize scientific-based approaches to human behavior to tailor unique stakeholder experiences.

Through this customization of experiences, companies can maximize stakeholder participation and feedback from each stakeholder group. We then provide the tools and structure to monitor, track and report stakeholder engagement outcomes.


Matt Duncan
Matt Duncan joined Protiviti UK as a Managing Director in September 2022. Based in London, Matt has more than 18 years of experience delivering change successfully for his clients.Matt leads our change and transformation practice in the UK, as well as our people ...
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Kimberly Lanier is a Managing Director in our People Advisory & Organizational Change Segment. In this role, she is responsible for leading the Human Capital Reporting segment of HR Transformation. Kimberly has over 20 years of experience in HR, Performance and ...
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Fran Maxwell is the global lead of our People Advisory & Organizational Change Segment. Based in Phoenix, he brings to Protiviti more than 21 years of experience in human resources and change management consulting. Before joining Protiviti in 2021, Fran held ...
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Melanie is a Managing Director with over 20 years of experience in leading business performance improvement excellence in public and private enterprises. She specializes in the delivery of business/government performance improvement through strategy development and ...

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