Finance and Accounting Process Optimization

Design, deliver and manage to enable sustainable growth.

Our extensive experience in operations, process, technology, and change management addresses complexity to avoid impacting employees.

We show you how to align organizational structure with business objectives so you’re in control, and how to proactively manage program costs instead of reacting to challenges. You gain effectiveness and efficiency that positions the organization for growth.

Our solutions improve efficiency and effectiveness, so organizations can more actively manage the strategic aspects of finance and accounting processes.

Stop reacting and transform your organization

How We’re Helping Our Clients

We deliver a wide-range of capabilities to support your organization's unique finance needs and beyond:


October 24, 2023

2023 Global Finance Trends Survey

Explore Protiviti’s 2023 global finance trends survey with expert opinions, financial forecasts, and financial risk assessments. Download the full report.

Our Approach

Leverage technology to transform the workforce from transactional to advisory

We help visualize all finance processes and analyze operative process data created by IT systems, resulting in greater process transparency and optimization. Our team develops integrated workflows with automated processes that enable more agile finance functions and allow a seamless mix of workers in a controlled cloud environment across the core finance and accounting processes.

  • Record to Report - We help streamline and automate the financial closing process from record to report so the organization has timely and accurate reporting that reflects the data sourced from multiple departments.  
  • Business Planning & Analysis - We show you how to shift focus from what happened to what will happen and drive outcomes aligned with business strategies. We create a practical roadmap to transform outcomes under the organization's greater vision.
  • Order to Cash - We help automate and integrate the "order to cash" process, including order management, fulfilment invoicing, reporting, collections and data management.
  • Source to Pay - Our team knows how to optimize the end-to-end process, from finding and negotiating with suppliers to accounts payable.

We can help you ensure that the services and support you provide are valuable, efficient, and cost effective. Our professionals use leading practices to show you how to optimize technology to standardize and automate accounting processes, develop new and enhanced service strategies, and identify and target value-added tasks.

Leverage technology to transform the workforce from transactional to advisory

Key Partners

Through our alliance partnerships we connect innovative services and technology with consulting expertise to optimize key processes and business performance initiatives.


Ken Thomas
Ken is a Managing Director in the Business Performance Improvement practice. He specializes in finance operations  strategy, implementation and transformation of financial systems and their underlying data governance, process  reengineering, and ...
Shawn Seasongood
Shawn is a Managing Director leading the Finance and Performance Management segment. He assists clients globally in business and system transformations to address growth, scalability of systems, challenges and process effectiveness. Shawn is a leader within the ...
Andrea Spinelli
Andrea is a Managing Director in Boston with experience in accounting and finance operations, target operating model design, shared services, and process optimization. Her background includes industry accounting operations, external audit, and business consulting. ...
Nick Mckeehan
Nick is a Managing Director who serves as Protiviti’s Global Leader for Financial Reporting Remediation & Compliance services.  He has over 20 years of experience leading Finance Transformations, including: public company transitions, financial accounting ...