Financial Reporting Remediation & Compliance

Reduce the risk of non-compliance. Improve the chances of compliance. Enable transactions.

Finance Transformation

Companies across the world face an increasingly complex marketplace with new reporting requirements, heightened scrutiny of company financials and filings, nonrecurring business transactions, and a shortage of experienced finance and accounting professionals. More than ever, these businesses understand that adhering to strict and ever-changing accounting and reporting requirements requires the support of a knowledgeable team familiar with both national and international regulations.

Our global team of Financial Reporting Remediation and Compliance professionals helps companies reduce their risk of non-compliance, while limiting exposure to financial restatements and other costly non-routine situations.

Learn more about how our team will help you develop a modern, tailored approach to ensuring your organization stays compliant and reduces risk.

Finance Transformation

How We’re Helping Our Clients

We deliver a wide-range of capabilities to support your organization's unique finance needs and beyond:
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Accounting and Financial Reporting Advisory

We will help you monitor changes to technical standards, assess the specific impact of research, and assist in the implementation and documentation of technical standards, inclusive of audit readiness, internal control compliance and financial statement disclosures.

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Reconciliation and Restatement Solutions

We assist with reconstructing and reconciling account balances, identifying root cause factors for historical non-compliance, and quantifying the impact for each fiscal year. We assist with transition from other modified bases of accounting to full accrual accounting under US GAAP or IFRS.

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US GAAP, IFRS & SEC Accounting Assistance

We provide accounting project-based as well as staff augmentation to perform account reconciliations and other financial statement supporting documentation preparation, including the creation of SEC and GAAP compliance checklists identifying, drafting, and socializing required disclosures.


Ensure your organization stays compliant and reduces risk

Our Approach

The amplified stress of today’s environment increases an organization's exposure to mistakes, lost synergies, and the inability to maintain base-level financial processes.

The risk of these errors is typically higher during the adoption of new reporting and accounting standards; embarking on significant business transactions; implementation of new IT/enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems; restructurings, acquisitions, carve-outs and divestitures; and expansion into new markets or new businesses.

Protiviti’s Financial Reporting Remediation & Compliance consultants help companies reduce their risk of non-compliance, while limiting exposure to financial restatements and other costly non-routine situations. Protiviti provides the critical functional and project management expertise necessary to cost-effectively prepare for and manage non-routine situations such as restatements, mergers and IPOs. Protiviti’s team proactively monitors new accounting and disclosure rules, and offers assistance with addressing complex accounting or reporting challenges, including the conversion to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

We help companies implement processes to address changes and risks surfacing from finance transformation initiatives, new technical accounting and disclosure requirements, historical application of standards, or unique business transactions.

Through the use of leading practices, our professionals help with:

  • Transaction support advisory services
  • New accounting standard diagnostic assessments
  • Reconciliation and restatement solutions
  • Accounting & financial reporting advisory
  • U.S. GAAP, IFRS & SEC accounting assistance
  • ESG Reporting

Ensure your organization stays compliant and reduces risk


Christopher Wright
Chris is a Managing Director in New York, leads Protiviti's global Finance Transformation and Transaction Services solutions, oversees Protiviti’s Supply Chain, Operations, People and Change practices, and serves on our global ESG steering committee. He is the firm-wide ...
Charles Soranno
Charles is a Managing Director in New York with extensive experience in IPOs, technical accounting and SEC reporting, internal control compliance, M&A, external audit and regulatory inquiries, and implementing new accounting pronouncements and disclosures. ...
Charles Dong
Charles is a Managing Director with Protiviti and serves as the firm’s Global Public Sector industry leader.  He has significant experience in providing accounting and financial advisory, risk consulting and business transformation to both Public Sector and ...

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