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Driving innovation with advanced analytics and AI

As companies progress on the journey toward digital transformation, AI is a key element that promises to deliver critical insights that can lead to accelerated innovation and success while protecting critical business assets. Our team of data scientists can help determine relevant use cases to support your transformation journey, enabling automation and data-driven decision making.

AI is a key element that promises to deliver critical insights

Client Story

April 18, 2024

Intelligent Document Retrieval System, Powered by Responsible AI, Helps Reduce Air Pollution

This company is a leader in the supply of after-sale services to the world’s engine and compressor markets and is trusted by nuclear power plants, the U.S. military and both public and private electricity generators around the globe. With the EPA’s recently announced Good Neighbor Plan in mind, the client needed a quick, reliable air pollution reduction strategy....

Transform business more intelligently

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Data Engineering

We help you create the operational foundation for using advanced analytics and AI techniques. Our team of data engineers create solutions to integrate, clean, and transform data from multiple sources on which sophisticated algorithms can be run.

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AI Development

We leverage a combination of statistical and mathematical algorithms to analyze data to help you solve business problems in a variety of processes and functions. These focus on custom model development, sentiment analysis, natural language processing, and more.

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Data Visualization

"A picture is worth a 1000 words" has never been more true when it comes to analyzing data. Our data experts help convert complex analytic techniques into a visual format that is easy for you to use and act upon and can be delivered on a variety of platforms and devices.

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Model Management

Without model management it would be challenging to track model performance over time and ensure the model generates business insights based on the latest data pattern. Our model management, approach provides a framework to develop, test, and deploy models more confidently, and recalibrate if needed.

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Model Maintenance

Once models are validated and ready for use, it is important to ensure proper model maintenance. We help you monitor model health, model degradation and underlying data changes for continued expected accuracy, consistent results, and maintenance.


Featured insights and client stories

Case Studies

The client sought guidance and a partnership to provide a recommended approach, technology, and solution to determine revenue taxonomy based on the type of work and area of law that intersect with the client’s business. The solution needed to be scalable to handle the complete data repository for legal matter stored in the client’s Azure environment and have flexible administration capabilities to improve over time.

Protiviti partnered with the client to design, develop, and validate a machine learning pilot using a solution developed entirely on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. After completing the pilot project, the client received ongoing support to develop, maintain, and monitor the revenue taxonomy solution.

The client is now able to have better visibility into their financial reporting that enables them to:

  • Staff their legal matters effectively
  • Determine trends for the type of work (TOW) and area of law (AOL) where attorneys are actively engaged
  • Hire attorneys/staff to meet the work requirements where intersections are underperforming/understaffed

The client needed guidance and a partnership to provide a recommended approach, technology, and solution that could significantly reduce the time it takes for their Accounts Payable (AP) team to extract key data elements from invoices and load them into their invoice database. Their organization received over 200 invoices daily that were manually processed.

The client was looking for a scalable solution that could handle hundreds of unique invoice types, both foreign and domestic, and process them automatically.

Protiviti partnered with the client to design, develop, and validate an automated invoice data extraction solution written in Python that lessens the manual effort to complete the invoice ingestion process. The Python script was integrated into the client’s .NET application, allowing the client’s AP team to review the results and make updates within the existing user interface.

As a result of the automated invoice extraction solution, the client significantly reduced the Accounts Payable team’s manual effort. Based on the initial results from the project, the time to extract each of the four data elements went down by ~62-86%.

The client sought guidance and a partnership to develop an intelligent process automation solution capable of analyzing their partner/leader feedback provided to each employee. They wanted the process to provide scores based on the overall feedback sentiment and report results in an easy and digestible manner. The solution needed to eliminate manual efforts to analyze employee feedback forms, which was an extremely tedious task.

Protiviti partnered with the client to design and develop a solution that utilises Azure Cognitive Services (ACS) for Sentiment Analytics to score each comment/review and produce an employee scorecard via a Power BI dashboard. As a result of the intelligent process automation solution for sentiment analysis, the client can review and analyze partner/leader comments and make quicker decisions on any actions against one of their employees. The Power BI dashboard allows the client to efficiently look up comments/reviews by office, department, and partners/leaders.

Key partners

The power of partnership is undeniable. Our alliance partnerships and full-service technology consulting capabilities bring many support benefits to our clients, including better efficiency and performance. Some of our key partners include:


Rish Dua
Based in Chicago, IL, Rish leads business intelligence, reporting and visualisation and advanced analytics and AI capabilities cross-industry.
Lucas Lau
Lucas is a Senior Director in Protiviti’s Machine Learning & A.I. practice within the Data Management and Advanced Analytics solution. He has 14+ years of experience in leading machine learning and artificial intelligence teams and projects in insurance, healthcare ...