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Drive revenue, reduce risk, and enable operational excellence

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Across all industries, ever-increasing customer needs, market competition, and rapid digital innovation have created an insatiable demand for data and the insights it can provide.

We help you develop and implement a data and analytics strategy that will provide well-controlled and trusted insights to drive revenue, reduce risk, and enable operational excellence.

Our data and analytics and business consulting experts will collaborate with you to address your organization’s unique needs.

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Our Data and Analytics strategy services

Data and Analytics Strategy

Develop and deliver a holistic and practical strategy that aligns business goals, challenges, and aspirations to enable data and analytics investments that result in incremental and measurable business value.


Data and Analytics Maturity Assessment

Not sure where to start? Our data experts can evaluate your existing data and analytics strategy and operations against leading practices to provide targeted people, process, and technology recommendations as well as implementation support.


Operating Models and Reference Architectures

We work to understand your business and then design and implement data and analytics operating models and supporting architectures, including business case development, intake and prioritization, value analysis and funding, data governance, data management, data science, DevOps, and managed services.


Digital Transformation and Automation

Data feeds modern and digitally enabled business models and automated operations. Partner with our team to develop an effective data and analytics strategy that ensures the right insights are delivered seamlessly to enable exceptional customer experiences.


Data Literacy, Skills Assessment, and Up-Skilling

Modern data and analytics capabilities put significant power in the hands of business users from boards to the back office. With great power comes great responsibility to educate employees and customers to interact, interpret, and wield data and insights appropriately. Let our experts keep you on track.


Data Monetization

Businesses can derive value from data. We help you identify data monetization opportunities leveraging our framework for identification, value analysis, prioritization, funding, execution, and measurement of such opportunities.


Tailor your data and analytics strategy to solve today's challenges

Our approach

Effective data and analytics strategy aligns with your unique culture, business model, existing investments, products, and services. Protiviti’s approach is highly collaborative, leveraging creative methodologies and industry-specific leading practices to partner with you in tailoring a strategy to solve today’s challenges while enabling growth and innovation. 

Tailor your data and analytics strategy to solve today's challenges


Going Digital? Make Data Strategy a Priority

Going Digital? Make Data Strategy a Priority

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Next Gen Now – The Intelligent Automation Opportunity for Airlines

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Data and Analytics Monetization: Data Strategy Is Business Strategy

To the uninitiated, monetization of data can sound sketchy, often conjuring up a scenario of reselling customers’ personal information. But opportunities to monetize data extend far beyond selling it to external parties, and into other goals that...
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Succeeding With Data and Analytics: A Guide for Internal Audit Teams in the Manufacturing Industry

Internal audit leaders at manufacturing and distribution (M&D) companies increasingly recognize the potential of bringing disparate data sources together to produce analytical insights that  strengthen their practices. Outside of internal audit,...
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Case Studies

A large U.S. financial services institution required support to develop a data and analytics strategy enabling significant growth while providing the foundational data and analytics infrastructure to support their digital transformation.

Protiviti leveraged a multi-disciplinary team to collaborate with the institution. We developed and delivered a data and analytics strategy and delivery roadmap that balanced the development of foundational digital integration needs with enabling the business to leverage that digital interaction data to support revenue growth (e.g., marketing, inter-business cross/up-sell, etc.)

A global fashion house was struggling to meet the data and analytics demands of their internal and external business partners. Limitations in their data and analytics operating model and architecture prevented them from scaling to meet business demands.

Protiviti performed a holistic data and analytics maturity assessment and report rationalisation to identify challenges and recommend remediation options to enable a modern data and analytics capability. Protiviti then supported remediation execution via a cloud-based Snowflake migration and data conversion combined with a revamped data and analytics governance and operating model enabling a more scalable and agile approach to data management.

A large U.S. commercial real-estate firm was looking for support in developing and implementing a data and analytics strategy to support their data-driven business operations, including sales and marketing, contract management, and enabling analytics for market analysis. A previous data and analytics strategy was developed by another consultancy that ultimately lacked enough detail to implement.   

Protiviti partnered with the client to refine their data and analytics strategy, developing pragmatic people, process, and technology roadmap initiatives that enabled the capabilities needed to realise business value. Protiviti then supported the implementation of roadmap initiatives, including establishing an MVP cloud infrastructure and foundational master data management to support trusted analytics.

Key Partners

Protiviti partners with the world’s leading technology and data companies, as well as industry disruptors, to enable tailored data and analytics strategies to best meet the needs of our clients.


Mark Carson
Mark is a transformational leader with global experience in driving and sustaining innovative, responsible business transformation and growth. Leader of business strategy, innovation, and operational excellence through data, analytics, and technology enablement across ...
Peter Mottram
Peter is a Managing Director in Protiviti’s Technology Consulting Practice and leads the Enterprise Data and Analytics (ED&A) solution globally. He has more than 20 years of experience in data and analytics including IT; information management strategy, data ...
Matt McGivern
Matt is a Managing Director in Protiviti's Information Technology Consulting group where he lead's Protiviti's Global BI and Data Governance solution area. He has more than 18 years of experience in information technology, financial services, and project management. He ...