Cyber Defense and Cyber Resilience

Anticipate pitfalls and recover quickly

A cyber-attack can be devastating. The actions you take during the first 48 hours can be critical to a successful outcome.

These are complex security incidents requiring specialized skills, tools, and knowledge. The most common scenarios you could face range from an uncertain response to handling security incidents and related outages to unseen threat actors bypassing traditional defenses and detections.

Rigid incident response programs unable to counter dynamic threats and lack of business continuity and/or resiliency strategies, documentation, and response plans are also concerns.

Whether you need help in preparation and planning, retaining direct assistance, or simply need to raise your response readiness profile, Protiviti offers full-service cyber defense and response teams with expertise to match your technology, industry, and situation.

Our cyber defense and cyber resilience services

Pro Briefcase

Strategy and Planning

Develop strategic resilience response plans to guide an entire organization in the event of a cybersecurity incident. Our incident response plans are brief, clear, resilient, and adaptable.

Pro Building office

Tabletop Exercises

Whether you are rolling out an incident response process, stress-testing an existing process, or refreshing your team on the latest updates, we facilitate interactive sessions to test your resilience response processes against documented plans with the relevant stakeholders.

Pro Document Consent

Emergency Breach Response

No matter how much you invest in security, incidents happen. We help minimize the impact on your business with our global on-call services.

Pro Workflow Flowchart

Post-Event Review and Facilitated Lessons Learned

After an incident, recovery mode begins. Identify and address an incident’s root cause, evaluate response procedures for future incidents, and reinstate protection confidence.


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We help clients prepare to perform the most-needed tasks

Our cyber defense and cyber resilience approach

Our cyber defense approach is built on three pillars, including:

Crisis management (enabling leaders to achieve their goals in a disrupted environment), implementation without overload (effective and efficient preparation, response, and recovery through a core team), and enabling technical responders (ensuring the most technically skilled people remain engaged in what they do best).

We help clients prepare to perform the most-needed tasks during a crisis for a faster response, minimal impact, and stronger long-term cyber and operational resilience.

We help clients prepare to perform the most-needed tasks
Believe in proactive responses to security events

Our emergency response on-call services

If you believe you have an ongoing or potential incident, contact our on-call incident response team at [email protected].

Our incident response experts are always ready to help you plan and manage global incident response. We believe in proactive responses to security events. Protiviti experts are steeped in response execution, forensic analysis, and response plan development.


David Taylor
David is a Managing Director based in Protiviti’s Orlando office. He has more than 20 years of experience in information security and IT Audit. He is a former federal agent and Computer Crime Investigator (CCI) for NASA’s Inspector General and for the United States Air ...
Sameer Ansari
Sameer Ansari is a Managing Director and leader of Protiviti’s Security and Privacy Practice. Sameer brings more than 20 years of experience developing and delivering complex privacy solutions to the Financial Industry, and privacy consulting and implementation ...

Crisis Averted

A medical device manufacturing company proactively partnered with Protiviti to pinpoint a hole in their technology, avoiding a publicity nightmare.

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Case Studies


Situation: A U.K.- based financial market infrastructure firm was required to enhance its cyber resilience and undertake a self-assessment to identify and prioritise areas for improvement.

Value: Protiviti supported the execution of a compliance assessment of the client’s cyber resilience framework, assisted and educated information security and management staff, and recommended ways to improve governance processes and a refined approach to the self-assessment with key stakeholders.


Situation: A large private university with more than 1,000 faculty and 13,000 students sought a third-party partner to develop and execute a tabletop exercise to test the school’s responsive capabilities under various stress scenarios.

Value: Protiviti’s detailed exercise package gave the university greater insight into its system availability threats and sensitive data risks while increasing its capabilities to detect, respond to and mitigate incidents.


Situation: ​A Middle Eastern real estate management and global financial investment firm felt vulnerable to internal fraud and computer security. Its corporate internal audit function needed better controls in these areas across all its subsidiary companies.

Value: Gained efficiencies by converging fraud and computer security incident response into an overarching framework. Partnered with senior executives to ensure buy-in and acceptance of the business change.


Situation: The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) sought a partner to conduct its fifth Quantum Dawn cyber defense and response tabletop exercise.

Value: Protiviti helped raise awareness within the global financial services industry of current information-sharing infrastructure limitations; also determined areas of improvement in sector cyber defense and response efforts.