Managed Security Services and Security Operations

Around-the-clock support to optimize your business sustainably

Companies have an urgent need to minimize the frequency and cost of data breaches. Cyber incidents are growing ever more likely, and costs are soaring. The current cybersecurity talent gap only adds to the challenges. Protiviti’s managed security services puts the best people, processes, and technologies at your fingertips.

We understand the unique challenges of cybersecurity. The attack landscape is always changing. The sheer number of products and services to maintain is daunting and maintaining security services is often difficult. Our managed security services are innovative, highly flexible, and focused on the client. We are ideally suited to address the cybersecurity challenges of today’s market.

Our cybersecurity professionals have helped secure environments across industries of all sizes. Our analysts venture into the unknown to proactively discover new cyber threats. We are prepared to address the challenges in your organization.

Our services will aid in improving your security operation efficacies, reduce complexity, and streamlining operations

Our managed security services:

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Asset Management as-a-Service

Protiviti helps organizations discover assets in the cloud and on-premises, automate security compliance, hardware, and software asset lifecycle management, and drive overall asset strategy, procurement, deployment, and maintenance.



Federal Trade Commission Commercial Surveillance and Data Security Proposed Rulemaking

How to Integrate Threat and Vulnerability Management into Security Operations

In today’s cybersecurity threat landscape with its ever-growing volume of incidents, it is remarkable to think that proactive threat and vulnerability management remains a challenge for companies to address effectively. Organizations are adopting...
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Federal Trade Commission Commercial Surveillance and Data Security Proposed Rulemaking

E-Commerce Boom Heightens Privacy Risks, Creates Opportunity for Retailers to Enhance Data Practices

At no time in history has customer data and privacy protection been a greater concern for consumers, businesses and regulators alike than in the current pandemic environment. The massive shift to online commerce and contactless payments that began in...
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How to Talk to Boards About Ransomware And Risk

Don’t Bore the Board: 5 CISO Hacks for Highly Effective Presentations

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Flash Report: President Biden Executive Order to Strengthen U.S. Cybersecurity Will Impact Federal Agencies, Public and Private Sector Organizations

On May 12, President Joe Biden issued the Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity. This executive order (EO) is the most recent action by the administration to strengthen U.S. national cyber defenses and address cybersecurity threats...
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The Protiviti advantage

Protiviti’s managed security services highly flexible methodology focuses on people, process, and technology to address these leading challenges.

Rapid deployment: Compared to the months required to acquire software, hire and train talent, and develop governance, process, and policies

Skilled and scalable teams: Scalable, contractual services that reduce complexity and increase access to deeply skilled resources, delivered at a predictable annual fee

Compliant processes: Optimized compliance activities to successfully achieve business strategies and objectives

State-of-the-art security frameworks and tools: Access to market leading analytics, metrics, and techniques to embed risk and compliance controls, allowing for better responses to dynamic business process changes, which are continually monitored, assuring correct controls exist to mitigate risk.

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Shinoy George
Shinoy George is a Managing Director and the Security Operations and Managed Security Services (MSS) Practice Leader within Protiviti. He has over 20 years of technology consulting experience delivering cyber defense solutions, security options, forensics, and ...
Michael Lyons
Michael is a Managing Director and brings over 15 years of security and privacy consulting to companies across the US. Michael provides expertise in financial services, retail, and telecommunications security. His proficiencies include network design, end point ...
Michael Walter
Michael Walter is a Managing Director in the Atlanta office of Protiviti, providing clients with Security and Privacy Consulting. Michael has more than 15 years of information security experience in industry and consulting. Michael spent six years at IBM in the Managed ...

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Case Studies

Situation: A national insurer discovered multiple vulnerabilities in its approach to third-party security risk management. The company lacked the maturing identity access and governance (IAG) processes and technology they needed to bring it into compliance with state cyber and privacy regulations in a highly complex environment.

Value: With Protiviti's guidance, a comprehensive third-party security risk management programme was quickly adopted, reducing risk. Hundreds of on-site vendor security assessments were delivered and NYDFS and CCPA compliance was met.

Situation: The information security team for a Global 100 financial services firm needed help with their vendor risk assessments across many different service types. The company also had a backlog of more than 40 assessments that a prior partner had been unable to perform.

Value: ​Protiviti completed the unfinished risk assessments, and drove consistency, integrity, and data normalisation in vendor risk management processes.

Situation: A global technology company needed an experienced and trusted outside resource to provide user-support managed services for its IT engineering department.

Value: By running the client's engineering operations 24/7, with improved support year over year, Protiviti drove down costs and increased the client's throughput. The client gained line-of-sight recommendations for improving its engineering operations.

Situation: The country’s largest golf course management firm had recently transitioned from Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud and struggled with project management, security, and internal workflow capabilities.

Value: Using Protiviti’s custom roles approach, the client was able to better comprehend what access would be granted when assigning roles to users. They also greatly decreased the risk posed by segregation of duties and sensitive access. HCM implementation was more efficient and effective and the company replaced manual approvals with more efficient and accurate workflow actions.