Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud Consulting Services

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Achieve Business Value in the Cloud – Securely and Confidently
Cloud Consulting Services


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Cloud technologies are rapidly expanding. It can be difficult to understand, analyze and consider so much information. Protiviti’s Cloud Consulting Services team is helping CIOs, CTOs and other IT leaders capture value by leveraging the latest capabilities and designing solutions that simply work, as well as manage governance, risk and compliance issues regarding cloud.

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Ready to Take Control of your Cloud?

No matter where you are on your cloud journey, Protiviti’s Cloud Consulting Services will help you harness the power of cloud to transform your organization, identify opportunities to gain competitive advantage and improve business efficiency and operations.

  • Accelerating your cloud journey?
    • Protiviti’s Cloud Assessment will allow you to understand your organization’s maturity with respect to cloud transformation while evaluating your Cloud environment. Upon completion, you will be provided with a roadmap that includes both near-term tactical improvements and longer-term strategic improvements to increase the value that your organization receives from its cloud environment.
  • Need to manage existing cloud spend?
    • Protiviti’s Cloud Cost Assessment will identify and analyze various components of your cloud spend and usage. We’ll develop a roadmap including process controls to optimize your usage and realize cost savings.
  • Want to secure your cloud infrastructure?
    • Protiviti’s Cloud Security Assessment will analyze your existing cloud environment and security domains, identify gaps and develop a strategy for enhancing your cloud security capabilities that will protect your information, systems and assets while delivering business value.

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Our Cloud Consulting Services

There is a notable increase in demand for cloud solutions and strategies. The new models of distributed and virtual workforces, accelerated by the 2019 global COVID-19 pandemic, are driving the demand for greater computing needs, virtual service delivery, new processes, new applications, and the need to rapidly adapt. Cloud is key for a rapid response to change, disruption and enhancing business resiliency for systems, programs, people and technology.

Protiviti’s Cloud Consulting Services help organizations implement and adopt cloud capabilities that align with defined business outcomes, including cost savings, agility, scalability, innovation, and the strategic use of cloud for IT modernization and digital transformation. We provide an end-to-end approach, from envisioning and planning through migration, implementations, and managed services. Our heritage and expertise in audit, security and data privacy ensure that your cloud environment is safe and governed. As a partner with the major cloud vendors (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud) we work with our partners to ensure you get the most out of your cloud environment.

Cloud Strategy & Governance:

Looking to modernize and innovate by leveraging cloud? Are you considering a cloud first strategy? Not sure if you need a hybrid architecture or a multi cloud strategy? Do you need to better manage your current cloud infrastructure and rein in cloud spend? Protiviti helps organizations achieve more in the cloud, securely and with confidence. 

Our Cloud Consulting Services enable organizations to transform rapidly in the digital age. Our approach is driven by vision aligned to business priorities to orchestrate cloud solutions across business, technology, risk, and people. Success is attained by defining key goals and metrics upfront, then using measures to optimize performance through the journey to realize returns while managing cost. 

Cloud Transformation and Modernization:

Cloud platforms and services provide an opportunity for increased automation, scalability, performance, and security control. Protiviti’s comprehensive cloud modernization approach supports key phases required from strategy and planning through design, development, deployment, migration, and ongoing support. Our cloud services help workforces realize the benefits of cloud through useful and well-adopted capabilities to improve the efficiency of and satisfaction with daily responsibilities.

Cloud Migration:

Our cloud services help organizations shift from traditional data technologies to cloud platforms. With a prioritized migration plan, we help you with legacy application portfolios (lift and shift, transform or rebuild) as well as data migration to cloud platforms (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and hybrid). We help organizations realize long-term ROI, modernized solutions, and improved processes with the capability to easily flex your workloads up or down based on utilization, demand and resiliency.

Cloud Security:

Protecting your most critical data, the confidentiality, integrity, and — in many cases — the privacy of the individual data subjects themselves is critical. Our Cloud Security services help clients understand, address and actively manage the risks they face to successfully operate their business in a secure cloud. Whether your cloud infrastructure includes multiple cloud service providers and combines a variety of configurations including on-prem, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and FaaS, we assess, design and implement security solutions to reduce exposure and communicate effectiveness to stakeholders at the management and executive levels.

  • Advisory Services
  • Secure Architecture
  • DevSecOps
  • Vulnerability Management as a Service

Our Partners:

Our Cloud alliance partnerships and full-service technology consulting capabilities bring many support benefits to our clients. We help organizations avoid the risk of losing benefits to resellers that do not deliver services around design, deployment and support that align with business priorities.

AWS Advanced Partner
Google Cloud Partner
SAP gold partner
Salesforce Partner

Sustainable Solutions

Flexible Delivery Capabilities with our Managed Technology Solutions: Over 2.7 million experienced professionals at Robert Half support Protiviti’s core team of Microsoft consultants, operating from over 400 offices across 25 countries. All those local professionals mean that we’ll find the specialized Microsoft skills you need fast, without on-the-job training, and minimal to no travel costs. It also means we can ramp up — or down —depending on your budget and needs.

Business Resilience: In today’s environment of rapid digital change, growing cyber concerns and outages impacting the financial sector, operational resilience continues to be top of mind for industry executives and supervisory authorities around the world. Protiviti’s Operational Resilience framework provides a structure that can be leveraged to help understand, prevent, and recover from extreme-but-plausible events that may impact important business services.

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Managing Director