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We are proud to work closely with Matt Fitzpatrick and his coaches on their performance data journey.

Protiviti assembled a multidisciplinary team of data analysts, user experience experts, technology modernization enthusiasts and risk management professionals to holistically explore opportunities for Matt to harness cutting-edge technology to optimize his approach to the game.

Leveraging Microsoft technologies, Protiviti delivered a custom analytics platform, tailored dashboards and a bespoke mobile application to streamline Matt’s practice and tournament data input, increase accuracy and efficiently extract real-time insights from full-field shot-level data.​ The emphasis on data-driven decision-making in practice and training contributes to enhanced performance, ultimately translating into better tournament outcomes.​

Innovate. Optimize. Deliver.

Unlocking Insights in Real-Time

Through innovative technology that improves the speed, accuracy, and quality of Matt’s performance data, we analyze thousands of data points to provide Matt with instant feedback. With intuitive visualizations Matt can interpret his performance while on the course or at the practice range.

Improving Decision Making

With the use of AI and machine learning models, we identify the relationships that exist between Matt’s practice and tournament performance. Utilizing Microsoft technologies, we developed custom dashboards that help him determine what, when, and how to practice for upcoming events.

Driving Major Results

Advanced reporting empowers Matt to detect trends in his performance, deviations from historical levels, and focus areas in specific aspects of his game. These insights help Matt to elevate his performance – ultimately improving accuracy, tightening dispersion patterns, and producing consistent results.

Whether on the course or in business, seizing every advantage is the key to success.

Microsoft AI Cloud Solutions Partner

Protiviti, a Microsoft AI Cloud Solutions Partner and a multi-year Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist, has a wide scale of Microsoft consulting solutions built on a core foundation of security, data and modernization. Our global team of certified Microsoft experts and MVPs work closely with Microsoft to provide comprehensive solutions delivering real value to the business. Bringing together our deep risk consulting capabilities and industry experience, coupled with the power of Microsoft, allows us to provide meaningful solutions for our clients.


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