Data Architecture and Engineering Services

Enable cutting-edge and pragmatic data architecture.

Data is changing the way we do business across all industries. Organizations are harnessing the power of data to improve processes, drive new business opportunities, and increase competitive advantage. 

We provide services to design, source, transform and analyze data to empower your business to become an analytics-driven organization. Delivering a combination of strategic vision, proven expertise, and practical experience, we collaborate to meet your data architecture and cloud engineering needs.  

Enable a modern data architecture in the cloud

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Data Architecture Services

Leveraging our experience in leading database platforms, development methodologies and techniques, we design modern data architectures. Our expertise includes OLTP, data warehousing, analytics, structured, unstructured, relational, and NoSQL data.

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Data Infrastructure Services

Do you need to modernize your data infrastructure? The data infrastructure you choose can impact cost, performance, and security. Let our experts guide you to the best infrastructure solution that balances these attributes on-premises or in the cloud.

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Data Pipeline Services

Automating and accelerating your end-to-end data pipeline is a key strategy in alleviating bottlenecks and improving time to market. We create best-practices-based, streaming or batch ETL/ELT frameworks on a variety of cloud platforms to ensure your data is flowing properly.

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Data Application Services

Data products and data applications are key to enabling and governing your business strategy. Through a variety of software development and engineering platforms, we build data products and applications to meet your unique business needs.

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Data Storage Services

Enterprise data architectures are enabled by an infrastructure strategy whether on-premises or cloud. We provide high-performing storage designs and implementations for data lakes and data warehouses supporting both operational and analytical data workloads.

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Data Backup and Recovery Services

A data backup and recovery strategy is vital to running a successful business. You never know when the worst can happen. Our experts provide data backup and recovery testing strategies, methodologies, and testing models as part of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) planning.

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DataOps Services

Data doesn’t always like to travel. We can help you keep up with changing data infrastructure and pipeline needs through real-time data insights with a deployment pipeline that provides source control, easy movement within environments, and automated deployment and testing.


Case Studies:

The client’s legacy system that managed and maintained its interstate and state highways was unable to generate adequate reporting for planning, budgeting, and securing federal funding. 

Protiviti assisted the client in evaluating various third-party and cloud-based solutions before ultimately deciding on a custom warehouse design based on Oracle database technology.

The solution delivered modern reporting and visualization tools, including self-service reporting and analytics.

The client was looking to modernize their analytics environment. The current infrastructure and architecture were overly complex, maintenance-heavy, underperforming, costly, and rapidly approaching their end of life. The bank was also looking to expand its use of data into the advanced analytics realm, seeking new avenues to increase customer engagement and profitability. The bank was also looking to make its first foray into the cloud. 

Protiviti evaluated several cloud-based data platform vendors for a fit with the bank’s IT and business environment. Protiviti constructed the pilot on a fully secured Snowflake-based data platform hosted on the AWS cloud. Historical data movement was streamlined using a Python-based DMT accelerator tool.

​This solution enabled the client to make its initial move into the AWS cloud and eliminate its on-premises-based legacy data environment.

​The solution enabled increased agility in releasing data products to the business customers, provided a single unified platform to deliver timely critical reports/analytics and implement data science use cases, and allowed the migration of a complete application to the cloud, helping pave the path for several subsequent cloud migrations​. ​

A global footwear company with numerous brands as well as wholesale, retail and online operations was experiencing increased margin pressures and flat annual growth. Areas of concern included overall understanding of consumer behavior, the effectiveness of their customer outreach, and the identification of customers and prospects with high profit potential. The company’s disparate systems tracked valuable information that remained trapped in siloed systems. Critical data could not be seen holistically, and trends were invisible to decision makers.

Protiviti consolidated all information into a single high-speed in-memory database, aligned master data between systems, and consolidated business and IT on common metrics and calculations. We scheduled movement of data from seven separate systems, enabling daily insight. The system was optimized for sub-second response time and iterative exploration of data and scenarios.

Client realized value by being able to identify its most loyal customers, an ability to develop marketing campaigns more quickly, and the ability to better understand the impact and effectiveness of those campaigns. 

A media company had little to no visibility into both their travel and expense analytics and spend related to vendors and internal customers. The client was spending excessive amounts of time manually combining data from multiple applications to gain insight into employee spending. The data was inaccurate, and there was no access to detailed transactions for root cause analysis.

Protiviti led the implementation of a department-wide, real-time expense and revenue reporting solution in the cloud, which provided actionable information and root-cause analysis on the fly. Protiviti developed and delivered pre-built analysis reports with ad-hoc functionality for answering common questions; the solution design maximized available hardware and was driven from existing systems, providing vital security.

The client gained insight into expense data at the detailed GL account level for any combination of divisions or departments in near real-time. It simplified the task of determining policy offenders and enabled access to the corporate credit card feed, booking systems, expense submissions, and revenue, providing a comprehensive view of the T&E habits of this client’s staff.

Key partners

Our technology consulting professionals become your trusted advisors, providing insight and strategic vision through a unique blend of technical proficiency, project experience, and business knowledge. We leverage emerging technologies and methodologies to deliver results that drive performance and growth while managing risks.


Peter is a Managing Director in Protiviti’s Technology Consulting Practice and leads the Enterprise Data and Analytics (ED&A) solution globally. He has more than 20 years of experience in data and analytics including IT, information management strategy, data ...
Wendy has more than 20 years of business experience working with a variety of organizations to enhance their business performance leveraging enterprise data and analytics capabilities. Wendy within Industry has experience at Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, GE Capital ...
Based in Chicago, IL, Rish leads business intelligence, reporting and visualisation and advanced analytics and AI capabilities cross-industry.