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Cloud Security

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Secure Your Cloud Environment to Accelerate Growth and Drive ROI
Cloud Security


Our Cloud Security Capabilities

The move to the cloud is well underway. Are you onboard?

The landscape of cloud services, and the cloud security solutions needed to keep organizations safe and secure, is rapidly evolving. That means it’s more important than ever to integrate security practices into cloud solutions before, during, and after migrating to the cloud.

To do this, organizations must identify and manage cloud security risks while strengthening capabilities. At the same time, cloud services providers must expand native and third-party security services to meet the demands of digital transformation and cost optimization. Protiviti’s cloud security expertise enables organizations to grow their business without sacrificing operational efficiency. Our cloud security-certified experts can assist and implement enterprise strategies that assist in regulatory compliance efforts while enabling business operations.

Protiviti provides the tools, expertise, and solutions required to understand and secure your cloud environment. Our experience in cutting edge cloud security methodologies such as zero trust architecture and secure design patterns, along with our familiarity of culture and organizational implications, enable a streamlined, efficient approach to securing public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

Our cloud security experts provide solutions tailored to your organization’s unique needs and industry in the following areas:

How Protiviti Can Help

Our cloud security consultants can help with the following:

We provide the tools and guidance needed to be “cloud ready,” including considerations for: compliance requirements, user privacy provisions, cloud security assessments, ransomware and penetration testing, and security tool rationalizations.
Cloud security strategy and cloud governance program support are accelerated by our cloud security framework. Applying this framework enables you to effectively identify security gaps and establish roadmaps to remediate them.
Architecture and Transformation
Cloud implementation and design revolve around a solid base of cloud security methodologies such as DevSecOps, Zero Trust Architecture, and native cloud tool design implementation. Adopt and leverage strategies that prepare you for future changes and threats.
Managed Cloud Security
For all your cloud security needs after initial implementation, Protiviti builds out a platform to provide security insight monitoring, management, and mitigation of vulnerabilities, and assist with meeting the evolving needs of cloud compliance.