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Our Technology Consulting Services

Every business is a technology business. And Protiviti covers it all. We focus on the business issues you face and provide technology consulting to meet your needs, from rapid response to long-term solutions. Our technology consulting experts will introduce you to flexible delivery models that can be quickly scaled up or down through our robust partner ecosystem. As new technologies emerge, Protiviti is here to help you embrace and accelerate the adoption of the right technology for your unique needs.

In today’s rapidly-evolving environment, a trusted advisor – who not only provides relevant insights but delivers a combination of strategic vision, proven expertise and practical experience – can enhance the value of your business. Our technology consulting experts provide solutions tailored to your organization’s unique needs and industry in the following areas:

Technology Strategy

Technology Strategy and Operations and Software Services: From establishing strategy and implementing future state solutions to supporting ongoing delivery of service, our focus is on agile design, devops and implementation.

Technology Solutions

Emerging Technology Solutions: Helping organizations embrace new technologies like Internet of Things and Robotic Process Automation to scale on demand, improve resiliency, minimize infrastructure investments, deploy solutions rapidly and securely.


Cybersecurity and Privacy: Using technology consulting to dynamically innovate, transform, and succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape, by managing security functions, leveraging state of the art technology and balancing business risks and investments.

Cloud Solution

Software Services and Cloud Solutions: Focused on agile design, development and implementation of innovative business solutions including all cloud-related opportunities. Scalable and cost-effective with the ability to leverage consulting capabilities and sourcing of specialized talent.

Application Solutions

Application Solutions: Provide expertise to help organizations plot, navigate and complete the journey to business transformation. We harness the power of modern application technologies such as Microsoft, Oracle and SAP to strategically select and design, implement and maintain solutions. 

Data Analytics

Enterprise Data Analytics: Helping companies break down data silos and sort through vast amounts of structured and unstructured data to identify untapped opportunities and expose hidden risks. Our solutions range from data strategy and governance through the development, design and implementation of advanced analytics and digitalization.

Our Approach:

Protiviti's technology consulting includes:

  • Established partnerships with the world’s leading tech companies, including access to their products and sandbox environments
  • A well-defined process that starts with the business problem, allowing you to determine project objectives first
  • A focus on a risk-based model – addressing what matters, when it matters
  • A phased approach, where we can scale up or down as needed, using the right resources only at the right time
  • Strong expertise with the design and development of highly scalable cross-platform applications
  • Proven expertise in working with cross-functional teams, delivering high-quality working software, on time and on budget
  • Agile development tailored to optimize collaboration with your teams

Relevancy in Today’s Digital World

In a time of ever-evolving digital transformation, Protiviti’s Technology Consulting services help you fully understand the business processes you want to enable, the customer experience you want to create or the critical information you need to protect and is a necessary first step in making technology work for you — not against you. 

Our technology consulting solutions range from strategy development through design, implementation and managed services. We provide technology consulting expertise in operational resilience, data and analytics, cybersecurity and privacy, cloud, application implementation, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and more.

Our technology consulting professionals become your trusted advisors, providing insight and strategic vision through a unique blend of technical proficiency, project experience and business knowledge. We leverage emerging technologies and methodologies to deliver results that drive performance and growth while managing risks.


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Sustainable Solutions

Operational Resilience:

In today’s environment of rapid digital change, growing cyber concerns and outages impacting the financial sector, operational resilience continues to be top of mind for industry executives and supervisory authorities around the world. Protiviti’s Operational Resilience framework  provides a structure that can be leveraged to help understand, prevent, and recover from extreme-but-plausible events that may impact important business services.

Flexible Delivery Capabilities with our Managed Technology Solutions

Over 2.7 million experienced professionals at Robert Half support Protiviti’s core team of consultants, operating from over 400 offices across 25 countries. All those local professionals mean that we’ll find the specialized skills you need fast, without on-the-job training, and minimal to no travel costs. It also means we can quickly scale up — or down — depending on your budget and needs.