Operations Transformation

Modernizing technology to gain efficiency, agility and resiliency over IT operations.

Growing demand for technology solutions and operations aligned to the business is driving increased performance expectations of IT departments.

Protiviti helps transform and modernize core technologies to eliminate technical debt and support future state and emerging requirements.

Transform and modernize your core IT processes

Modernize for efficient, cost-effective IT operations and delivery

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Asset Lifecycle Management

Full lifecycle management with assets such as hardware, software, security, data, Cloud and emerging technologies like IoT, we develop ITAM functions to enable strategic IT decisions, rationalization, modernization, resiliency and optimization of financial budgets.

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Service Delivery Modernization

Servicing of technology is crucial to meeting IT objectives, from stabilizing current technology to innovating into the future. Protiviti can help plan, implement, and operate the serving of your assets along with crucial alignment to the business customers.

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With demands for more changes more often, IT must optimize operations - increase speed of value delivery, quality and improve the CX. We help improve your build, release and support process associated with application lifecycle management and agile processes.

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Site Reliability Engineering

As systems & technology evolve, so does the need for advanced operational support methods & strategy. Protiviti’s SRE methodology applies a solid strategy, industry-best tools, and a focused framework to combat the challenge of how to run systems more effectively.

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Infrastructure Modernization

Adoption of a cloud-first strategy is a key enabler to a meaningful digital transformation. With integration to cloud-native AI & ML engines, PaaS, FaaS and SaaS offerings, Infrastructure Modernization is imperative for enterprises to remain competitive.

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IT Cost Optimization

Economic pressures require buyers to drive technology costs down and do more with less. We help companies define, optimize and manage IT spend. Through a continuous discipline, companies manage cost allocations, drive smart, effective investments, and cut costs.

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Service Resiliency

Ensuring IT systems and applications are monitored and up and running quickly after an incident is critical to delivering customer services. Protiviti can help you design and implement an IT disaster recovery/incident response plan as part of your broader BCM program.


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Our Partners

Protiviti provides multiple strategic application partners aligned to all aspects of our Operations Transformation solutions. These are some of our leading strategic ecosystem alliance partners that we collaborate with.


Samir is a founding member of Protiviti, with over 25 years’ technology consulting experience.  He serves as the Global Lead of Protiviti’s Technology Strategy & Architecture segment, which partners with clients to increase the maturity of information ...