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April 2024

Podcast | ESG and AI

Artificial intelligence, including generative AI, has taken the world by storm. As companies move quickly to employ these technologies, ESG issues, from sustainability reporting to social and governance risks, come into play.

Listen now as Protiviti Associate Director Alyse Mauro Mason talks with Protiviti Managing Directors Christine Livingston and Mark Carson about how AI can be used in sustainability, examples of use cases, and where to leverage AI to identify opportunities and risk. 

White Paper

Enabling Enterprise AI Adoption Through Next-Generation Governance

Realizing AI’s opportunities, measuring and managing both benefits and risk, becomes difficult without appropriate and effective guardrails in place. Such guardrails, more commonly referred to as governance, are critical — not to slow down AI adoption and implementation, but rather to accelerate and optimize its responsible and effective use throughout the enterprise while creating new opportunities.

By implementing effective governance frameworks and policies, organizations can efficiently recognize, comprehend and measure the potential risks and opportunities associated with AI.

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Point of View

Mastering Data Dilemmas: Navigating Privacy, Localization and Sovereignty

In today's digital age, data privacy management is paramount for businesses and individuals alike. With the ever-changing regulatory landscape surrounding data protection, organizations must adapt swiftly to ensure compliance and maintain trust with their customers and stakeholders. However, both data sovereignty and localization play an important role in privacy, as discussed in a previous post, “How Data Sovereignty and Data Localization Impact Privacy Programs .” With that in mind, businesses and individuals must also know why it is crucial to manage data privacy under a dynamic regulatory environment.

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Data Privacy Webinar Series

Thursday, April 25, 1 p.m. edt — Earning Customer Trust Through Experience: Shielding Against Threats

Thursday, May 2, 1 p.m. edt — Demystifying Data Sovereignty: Navigating Privacy Compliance in a Global Context

Join us as we dive deep into critical topics shaping the data privacy and protection landscape. Our experts will share insights on enhancing consumer trust through the user experience and navigating the complexities of data governance in a global context.

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Top Risks Survey

CIOs and CTOs See Skills, Staffing and Talent as Top Risk Concerns in 2024 and Beyond

Our annual Top Risks survey has revealed that the near-term risk concerns for CIOs and CTOs center chiefly on people-related areas. Issues around available skills to support the adoption of digital technologies, the ability to secure talent and succession planning are top of mind.

For technology leaders, attracting, developing, and retaining top talent is a significant and urgent challenge. In today's era, IT systems have a substantial impact on the ability of IT staff to address various risk concerns, such as cyber threats, adoption of digital technologies and advanced tools (like GenAI), third-party risks and organizational resilience and agility.

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Research Guide

Sustainability: Frequently Asked Questions

Sustainability is about balancing operations with the intention to preserve and sustain economic, environmental and social resources. There will always be uncertainties about succeeding over the long term, yet there are many opportunities for those organizations that choose to embrace change and execute on new norms and expectations from stakeholders. What these opportunities look like will differ from one organization to another — “what matters” from a sustainability perspective is dependent upon an organization’s focus, industry, business model and even its geography, just as it does for financial reporting.

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By John Jones

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, maintaining operational excellence and the need to plan for future digital transformations are critical for organizations to remain competitive and adaptive. We recently partnered with a client that recognized the pivotal role accurate and well-managed data would play. This company supports its manufacturing customers with technical services focused on improving operations, reducing costs and minimizing risks, delivering solutions designed to meet those customers’ specific and unique operations.

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By Warren Fish

Organizations that are a part of the DoD supply chain are frequently referred to as the Defense Industrial Base (DIB). Many of these companies have sensitive DoD data within their enterprise networks. Large defense contractors have mostly addressed the storage of DoD data by creating large enterprise networks purpose-built for their defense work. However, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) who are members of the DIB often struggle to identify CUI in their environments. 

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