Wealth and Asset Management 2022: The Path to Digital Leadership

Wealth and Asset Management 2022: The Path to Digital Leadership

To provide the investment industry with a digital vision of the future, Roubini ThoughtLab conducted a comprehensive global research in conjunction with a coalition of organizations across the industry. These include Appway, Broadridge Financial Solutions, Cisco, eToro, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Oracle, Protiviti, Sapient Consulting, and Vauban Group.

As part of the study, Roubini ThoughtLab established an advisory group of industry executives and experts to help guide the research and provide their insights. From April to June 2017, the Roubini ThoughtLab team surveyed a spectrum of 1,503 investment providers from around the world. At the same time, they conducted 42 in-depth interviews with senior executives from financial institutions, consultancies and technology firms.

The ThoughtLab team analyzed the survey data to spot and forecast trends across sub-sectors, regions and levels of digital maturity. Roubini’s economists then created models to assess the impact of digital adoption on corporate performance and provide the business case for going digital.


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Key Findings:

  • The convergence of digitalization, globalization, and consumerization will reshape the investment industry, according to study of wealth and asset management around the globe. Financial leaders now recognize that investors throughout the world - and across generations and wealth levels - want to manage their money in the same way they now shop, communicate, and learn: using a range of digital tools, social media, and mobile apps. For most industry executives, the question is no longer whether the industry will go through a digital metamorphosis, but how they can ensure they are not left behind.
  • With the industry facing high-velocity change, investment providers must act now to embrace digital innovation. Firms that have already reached an advanced digital stage report an 8.6% increase in revenue, an 11.3% rise in productivity, and a 6.3% improvement in market share. Those that move too slowly stand to lose $79 million per billion dollars of revenue a year - and risk falling out of the race all together.



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Find out more about Wealth and Asset Management 2022: The Path to Digital Leadership, and use the online benchmarking tool to gauge your organization’s readiness for digital leadership on RoubiniThoughtLab.com/wealth2022.


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