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January 2023 Issue

"For today’s CFO, keeping abreast of emerging risk issues and market opportunities has become table stakes for positioning the finance function to play a significant role in improving organizational resilience and shaping long-term success.”

"Talent, Culture and Disruption Are Top-Ranking Risks for CFOs"

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UN Executive Secretary: Private Sector Needs to Help Solve Planet’s Biggest Challenges

UN Executive Secretary: We need the private sector to help solve planet’s biggest challenges

The world has a choice. Either we continue with the current nature-destructive path and lose up to half of the global GDP by 2050, or we take a sustainable land management approach, which gives us the chance to generate 50% more wealth by mid-century.

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Executive Perspectives on Top Risks in 2023 and 2032

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Join us for a discussion of the top risks identified in our 2023 Top Risks survey, including people- and culture-related concerns, economic uncertainties and technology-related challenges, as organizations face a disruptive decade requiring agility and resilience to succeed.

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2023-2032 Top Risks Survey Hero

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