The Gamechanger Ecosystem

The Gamechanger Ecosystem
The Gamechanger Ecosystem

The Game Changer Ecosystem: ROI in 90 Days or Less by business strategist and visionary Kathie Topel identifies the gaps that exist in most of today’s businesses, and delves into the strategies to get your teams working together synergistically. This book is all about showing you how to:

  • Align everyone from the backroom to the boardroom with the clear vision,
  • Develop collaboration that delivers unprecedented customer value, and
  • Instill leadership strategies and tactics that everyone can use to outshine the competition.

On the heels of her successful leadership book, POWERSHIP®, Kathie Topel goes to the next level in The Game Changer Ecosystem, educating readers on how to operate at ever increasing speeds in order to exceed client expectations and differentiate themselves from the competition. To create a well-honed business climate, the book walks readers through the four cornerstones of becoming a game changer:

  • Alignment – Linking technical initiatives to business goals.
  • Collaboration – Enabling communication for thought leadership.
  • Innovation – Ideas to action for profitable results.
  • Delivery – Blended approach for world class success. Are you ready to develop your own Game Changer Ecosystem?


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Kathie Topel
Kathie Topel