Risk and Compliance Analytics

Fueling clients to be data driven and analytics empowered

Operating at the intersection of data, analytics and technology, we enable clients across industries to extract insight and translate it into prudent risk detection. We empower intelligent decision-making and help clients immunize against current and emerging threat vectors, all while navigating through a complex regulatory and business environment.

Empower intelligent decision-making to help clients

Our Risk and Compliance Analytics Consulting Services

Fraud and Abuse Analytics

We empower counter-fraud stakeholders to address risks by assessing enterprise data and analytic, technology and fraud management assets and competencies. This is done while identifying threat vectors, highest advantage capabilities and associated value proposition.


Model Services

We support boards and senior leadership in managing their businesses confidently by building, validating, and auditing models for enterprise risk management and supporting and evaluating model risk management programs.


AML and FCC Analytics

We enable data and analytics driven FCC programs to gain efficiencies through automating manual processes, identifying alternate data, monetizing advanced analytics and data science methods, improving effectiveness of Transaction Monitoring and Sanctions Alerts, and implementing Next-Gen Reg Tech Solutions.


Conduct Risk and Surveillance Analytics

We empower agile conduct risk management programs with data and analytics competences that allow clients to transform limited or fragmented conduct, insider threat, and behavioral risk competencies into efficient and streamlined counter-fraud analytics-powered capabilities.


Ethical and Responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We provide management with a framework and approach, designed to support the development and assessment of Artificial Intelligence AI capabilities, while complying with requirements of explainable, ethical and responsible AI use.


Regulatory and Compliance Remediation

We build your management’s ability to address and remediate ever-morphing compliance mandates by implementing a proven approach targeted to regulatory areas across industries and jurisdictions.


Credit Analytics

We improve the analytics capabilities of your credit management and decisioning programs. By leveraging advanced statistical and machine-learning methodologies we develop credit models and tools to maximize your profitability, stability and environmental responsibility, while dynamically managing risk exposure.

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Our Approach

Protiviti empowers clients to improve their understanding and capabilities, and transition from traditional, reactive forms of data management and reporting to proactive, advanced analytics that drive informed, intelligent decision making.

Protiviti provides a full spectrum of differentiated services to clients through the value-added capabilities needed to support business strategies and continuously improve operational performance, while effectively managing risk. Taking a people, processes and technologies lens, we utilize an agile approach to deliver innovative, end-to-end solutions to our clients’ complex problems. Our approach focuses on helping our clients grow in maturity along the full analytics spectrum curve, moving from hindsight to insight to foresight.

Our analytics and data science consultants help organizations like yours:

  • Improve business processes and insights with information strategy, architecture and governance to achieve a ‘single source of truth’
  • Improve business performance with appropriate, actionable and timely data and information
  • Apply logic, business rules, algorithms, statistical models and predictive analytics, combined with industry-focused management consulting methods to unlock insights into existing vulnerabilities as well as newly emerging threat vectors
  • Improve speed and quality of decision making so that analytic-enabled insights are turned into both actions and measurable outcomes that drive higher performance
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Constantine Boyadjiev
Constantine leads Protiviti’s Regulatory and Compliance Analytics data science practice. As a member of Protiviti leadership team, Constantine is responsible for architecting and delivering Protiviti’s Risk, Fraud, and Compliance Analytics offerings. Constantine brings ...
Todd Pleune
Todd is a Managing Director in the Model Risk practice of Protiviti’s Data Management and Advanced Analytics Solution. He focuses on risk modeling and model validation for Market, Operational, Credit, and Conduct Risk. Recently, Todd has supported stress testing model ...

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