Consumer Goods

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Consumer Goods

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies face unique challenges and opportunities as e-commerce models become integral to their success and direct-to-consumer online sales overturn traditional retail models. Alongside these changes comes an industry-wide trend toward sustainability solutions, including the use of reusable, sustainable, compostable packaging and a desire for companies to reflect sustainable brand values as the popularity of purpose-driven brands increases.

In response, brands must build supply chain resiliency and agility, including the design of regional and tailor-made supply chains focusing on faster and easier delivery options for consumers. All of this transformation must take place while mitigating risks to supply chain reliability, dealing with labor shortages and cyber threats, and responding to shifts in operating models to work from home.

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Consumer Goods

Challenges and Opportunities

Consumer goods companies that embrace evolving industry priorities and proactively manage risks, transform challenges into prospects for growth, establishing an environment where customer loyalty, and capital for brand investment can prevail.

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Protiviti helps CPG organizations to rethink core business operations and transform for evolving customer needs and stakeholders’ expectations. Our expertise helps companies to respond quickly to challenges and identify innovative ways to embed resilience, optimize margin and improve operational performance.

Transform for evolving customer needs


Carol Raimo is Protiviti's Global Consumer Products and Services Industry Lead and has over 36 years of consulting experience. She is responsible for setting the strategy to provide industry-specific solutions to clients as they transform their business. Strategic areas ...