Supply Chain Innovation

Creating resiliency by managing risk and driving innovation.

At Protiviti, we help organizations drive supply chain resilience and innovation by identifying and managing supply chain risks. Using innovative technology and functional subject experts to accelerate change, our Supply Chain Innovation experts enable revenue assurance through cost effective methods in developing a more flexible and resilient supply chain for our clients.

Innovative solutions using industry-leading practices and tailored business solutions

Our Approach

As companies work to compete in today’s business environment, their supply chains have become increasingly global and complex. Continuous downward cost pressures and higher customer demands for quality, speed of delivery, and overall performance require companies to continually identify opportunities to innovate.  

To help organizations address these growing challenges and complexities, Protiviti’s operations and supply chain experts work closely with key stakeholders to integrate industry-leading practices and tailor business solutions to meet the organization’s needs. We drive supply chain resilience through an innovative approach using emerging technologies and solutions that help our clients identify and manage supply chain risk.

Supply Chain Risk: We help our clients manage the real risks across their organization through:

  • Risk modeling, identification, and risk scoring.
  • Supply chain risk reduction
  • Creating more flexible supply chain operations to mitigate risk
  • Implement network design
  • Digital supply chain creation and setup using the most innovative and advanced technologies

Through these methods we provide our clients with clearer insights, reduced risk, cost reduction, revenue assurance and customer satisfaction.

Ecosystem Collaboration: Leveraging our partner network, we utilize innovative supply chain collaboration and information sharing technology, toto help clients with better real-time decision making and take appropriate actions to avoid crisis situations and enable more flexible supply chain operations.

Supply Chain Insights: Using traditional supply chain visibility technologies with advanced analytics and autonomous operations methodologies we help you automate functions across supply chain and operations driving optimized results while reducing resource requirements due to tight labor markets.

Supply Chain Digital Twins: This emerging technology allows graphical supply chain modeling, while offering simulation techniques to optimize and develop war game scenarios across your supply chain. We help you identify long term risk and model and optimize your supply chain for cost efficient and flexible operations.

Integrated Business Planning (IBP): IBP is the marriage of planning and execution across sales, finance, supply chain, sourcing, procurement and operations.  Combining our expertize across these areas, Protiviti enables organizations to make better and more timely decisions that ultimately save our clients' money and time, while staying competitive in today’s market.


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