AuditBoard Consulting Services

Maximize communication and visibility across audit, risk and compliance

Manage, automate, and optimize your internal audit, compliance, and risk processes with AuditBoard and Protiviti. Together, we help clients maximize their governance risk and compliance (GRC) initiatives through design, configuration, methodology, and training.

Protiviti’s partnership with AuditBoard provides our clients with a complete team of people and tools for managing, automating, and optimizing audit, compliance, and risk processes. 

As an Alliance Partner, Protiviti is uniquely qualified to help organizations take full advantage of the entire AuditBoard suite and provides comprehensive implementation and strategic consulting services. Our teams assist with the design, configuration, and customization of the solution, analysis, and value realization.

Manage, automate, and optimize your internal audit, compliance, and risk processes

Our key AuditBoard consulting solutions include

We manage all the elements of audit and risk within our clients’ organizations through Protiviti’s audit, risk, and compliance expertise with AuditBoard’s comprehensive GRC platform.

The world is changing fast, and you need a solid internal audit, risk management, and compliance program that helps your organization grow today and into tomorrow. We provide:

  • Internal audit and regulatory methodology reviews (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley, UK-SOX)
  • Accelerators and best practice documentation
  • Project-specific use cases (e.g., site audits, fraud risk)
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)  

Protiviti provides consulting on the AuditBoard solution design, along with implementation services to assist our clients with tailoring the tool to meet their unique needs. Through our customization of AuditBoard, our clients realize immediate value, including:

  • SOXHub, Workstream, Ops audit, CrossComply, risk oversight
  • Solution design support
  • PMO Support

Whether your organization is new to AuditBoard or needs to align the solution more closely to your needs, Protiviti can help. Our AuditBoard experts assist with:

  • Training development and delivery
  • Dashboard customization
  • Platform efficiency redesigns 

Ready to get started?

Whether your organization is new to AuditBoard or looking to better leverage your AuditBoard investment, our team can help! Schedule your introductory call with us today and see how we can help with: • Content development • AuditBoard design and implementations • AuditBoard enhancements

Our AuditBoard commitment

Protiviti’s AuditBoard consulting and implementation services help clients maximize the value of their GRC through design, configuration, methodology, and training. As their largest partner, we help our clients take full advantage of the entire AuditBoard suite.


Kevin Rohrbach
Kevin is a Managing Director in Protiviti’s Internal Audit and Financial solutions and has over 17 years of experience working with clients to support their internal audit efforts, SOX compliance requirements, enterprise risk management initiatives, and technical ...

Client Stories

The fastest-growing oil and gas drill bit manufacturer in the world was experiencing explosive company growth that quickly outpaced its audit capabilities. Leveraging Protiviti and AuditBoard together, this client has streamlined audit activities while gaining comfort over their audit programme and other processes, all while planning for the possibility of a future IPO. 

A multi-million-dollar beverage company with 50+ reportable SOX divisions had an established SOX methodology and execution. But corporate management was looking to encourage uniformity around divisions, enhance reporting, and develop a complex user access structure for all divisions. Protiviti and AuditBoard worked hand-in-hand to meet the client’s needs. 

A highly regulated, multi-billion-dollar, privately held financial payments company engaged Protiviti to re-design their SOXHub and CrossComply modules to better complement their compliance and reporting testing needs across the enterprise.