Technology Strategy and Architecture

Technology Strategy and Architecture
Technology Strategy and Architecture


Today's IT departments are asked to do more with less in the face of increased financial and regulatory scrutiny, while managing the relentless complexities of emerging or disruptive technologies. Substantial and rapid growth, new lines of business, various channels, and rapidly changing requirements add to the challenge of aligning strategy with IT architectures.

IT strategy requires an organization to understand the use of available technology in achieving business objectives. This strategy involves both a knowledge of the technology as well as the people involved in managing and utilizing these tools. By developing an effective IT strategy, an organization can successfully meet the challenges to today.

Protiviti’s IT Strategy and Architecture team offers technical expertise coupled with a deep understanding of key business risks and issues. Protiviti’s professionals accurately assess problems for clients, and develop real, actionable solutions that address near- and long-term objectives. In addition to real world design and implementation expertise, Protiviti leverages benchmarking statistics from partner organizations such as the APQC, Gartner, and the IT Process Institute (ITPI) to help provide quantified measures of performance.

Protiviti takes risk-based, top down approach to IT Strategy and Architecture. We don’t simply prepare an executive report for our clients and wish them luck. Our experts help:

Define the overall IT strategy (including the IT-business alignment model and key IT services to be delivered)

Enable application capabilities and infrastructure platforms to provide required levels of service

Establish support tools to monitor and enable consistent performance from business-facing technologies, as well as IT delivery processes

Define value drivers and measures of success

Provide actionable short- and long-term recommendations for increased maturity.