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Cloud technologies are rapidly expanding. It can be difficult to understand, analyze and consider so much information. Protiviti’s AWS Consulting Services team is helping CIOs, CTOs and other IT leaders keep up on the latest breakthroughs and maintain a pulse on what works, leading practices and risks regarding AWS Cloud.

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Protiviti’s AWS Consulting Services

Protiviti’s AWS Consulting Services help organizations implement and adopt AWS capabilities that align with defined business outcomes, including cost savings, agility, scalability, innovation and the strategic use of cloud for IT modernization and digital transformation. As an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner, we provide an end-to-end approach, from envisioning and planning through migration, implementations and managed services. Our heritage and expertise in audit, security and data privacy ensure that your cloud environment is safe and well governed.

AWS Governance

Modern cloud environments introduce a vast array of valuable services, each with their own unique aspects to meet regulatory requirements, control costs and maintain resiliency targets. Our deep history in risk management supports our modern technical skills to provide insight into the operations of your cloud environment so that the proper visibility and guardrails are in place. Our approach supports key phases required from strategy and planning through design, development, deployment, migration and ongoing support. Our goal is to be the go-to partner in helping every client maximize the value of their AWS journey.

  • Establish and Run a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE)
  • Cloud Risk and Cost Visualization with AWS Quicksight
  • Cloud Architecture​ with AWS Well Architected Framework
  • Meet Regulatory Demands through Compliance as Code
  • AWS Migration with AWS Cloud Endure
AWS Security

AWS is designed to help you build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for your applications. Our AWS Security services help clients understand, address and actively manage the risks they face to successfully operate their business in a secure cloud. With AWS, you can improve your ability to meet core security and compliance requirements, such as data locality, protection and confidentiality with our comprehensive services and features.

  • Advisory Services
  • Secure Architecture 
  • DevSecOps 
  • Vulnerability Management as a Service

Protiviti provides proven SAP Consulting Services for business process optimization, data and analytics, security and privacy, and risk and compliance. Our SAP on AWS services provide a beginning-to-end, streamlined cloud plan. From latency considerations to optimization and security, Protiviti helps you maneuver the road to successful cloud utilization when working with SAP on AWS. Protiviti’s cloud experts are prepared to offer a customized cloud strategy plan using SAP on AWS. Our cloud strategists are some of the best in the industry, focused on architecting and implementing SAP BusinessObjects and SAP HANA environments in the AWS cloud.

  • Assessment and Strategy
  • Implementation
  • Security
  • Managed Service and Support
AWS Migration and Modernization

Migrating your existing applications and IT assets to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud presents an opportunity to transform the way your organization does business. It can help you lower costs, become more agile, develop new skills more quickly, and deliver reliable, globally available services to your customers. With a prioritized migration and modernization plan, we can help you with legacy application portfolios (lift and shift, transform or rebuild), data migration, and manage existing workloads, reporting, security and compliance.

  • Lift & Shift, Transform or Rebuild
  • Data Migration
  • Application Modernization
  • Snowflake Implementation on AWS
IoT on AWS

Connect devices to the AWS Cloud by leveraging purpose-built managed services for IoT. Protiviti’s IOT Services help organizations embrace new technologies and connected devices using AWS Cloud IoT. We help clients scale on demand, improve resiliency, minimize infrastructure investments, deploy solutions rapidly, and do it securely. We offer a broad spectrum of IoT services and partner with our clients by working where we are needed most whether it’s leading a data collection program in its entirety, developing secure, connected device software, or securing an overall IoT solution.

  • IoT Strategy
  • End-to-End IoT Security
  • Edge Computing
  • Device Telemetry & Data Services
AWS Client Stories
Protiviti has helped organizations around the world leverage AWS for agility, scalability, innovation, and the strategic use of cloud for IT modernization and digital transformation.
Boyd Gaming

Client Challenge:

Boyd Gaming (BOYD) found themselves in a position of inheriting additional AWS environments through mergers and acquisitions. They were not prepared for cloud integration into their environment. Boyd Gaming was unsure of the gaps additional AWS cloud environments would bring into IT from a processes, inventory, metrics, skills and governance perspective. Understanding the gaps was imperative to support the inheritance of AWS as well as establish a refreshed AWS strategy moving forward.

Solution Delivered:

Boyd Gaming engaged Protiviti to proactively assess the gaps introduced in their AWS environment through mergers and acquisitions. They also needed to establish a multi-cloud strategy. Understanding the gaps in processes, inventory, metrics, skills and governance was imperative to setting the Boyd Gaming strategy. Protiviti delivered the necessary gaps for improvement, governance, needed SLAs and highlighted risk. Protiviti also assessed the inventory identifying technical debt, estimated costs for running in AWS from a hardware and licensing viewpoint. These deliverables were fundamental in establishing the Boyd’s multi-cloud strategy. “As a result of the engagement with Protiviti, we were able to accelerate our oversight and governance for a hybrid-first architecture strategy to maximize business outcomes, including the evaluation of risk exposure of onboarding emerging technologies capabilities,” explained Eric Bowers, VP Architecture & Innovation at Boyd Gaming.

Business Results:

  • Improved cloud processes and governance allowed Boyd to confidently and securely deploy and support a multi-cloud strategy.
  • Visibility into technical debt, risk, talent needs allowed for the formation of a progression plan that included timelines, governance, risk mitigation and optimized AWS costs.
  • Established a long-term plan for holistically supporting the multi-cloud strategy from inheritance or creation with architecture and governance reviews in place and the talent to support.
Global Medical Company

Client Challenge:

There were many custom built applications that the internal teams were running in their data center. The infrastructure team needed to build the cloud capability so that the applications can be migrated to AWS cloud. At the time, there was no centralized governance. Internal teams lacked cloud expertise and experience to migrate within the businesses required timeframe without jeopardizing their ability to operate.

Solution Delivered:

Protiviti assisted the client with cloud architecture and security, and quickly set up a secure, multi-account AWS environment based on AWS leading practices.

The Approach:

  • Architecture: Implemented AWS Landing Zone solution that helped quickly set up a secure, multi-account AWS environment based on AWS leading practices. Leveraged AWS Well Architected Framework to design and build secure, high-performing, resilient and efficient infrastructure for their applications.
  • Governance: Established AWS Organizations to ensure central governance, efficient Account Management. Implemented Service Control Policies to provide central control over the maximum available permissions for all accounts in the organization, allowing accounts to stay within organization’s access control guidelines.
  • Security: Leveraged native AWS tools to enhance the security posture using AWS Config, AWS Shield, Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon Inspector and Amazon Macie. Provided a secure architecture for applications using AWS WAF and established AWS WAF managed rules to protect applications from common threats like application vulnerabilities.
Robert Half International

Client Challenge:

Robert Half International (RHI) had multiple global business units building applications in AWS. Internal resources were tasked with evaluating an ever-growing inventory of applications that needed to undergo thorough security evaluations prior to being authorized to operate in a production environment. The workload was growing but the team was not.

Solution Delivered:

Robert Half International engaged Protiviti to perform technical security evaluations of specific applications and their Protiviti was able to provide a flexible engagement model that met the on-demand and unpredictable needs of the client by leveraging its global offensive security labs. The team members that worked on RHI’s environment held both AWS certifications and the OSCP to bring holistic insights and suggestions across cloud service architecture and configuration as well as insecure application coding and software configurations.

Business Results:

  • Improved business response time for the completion of security reviews.
  • Increased confidence in the security of the applications deployed within AWS as vulnerabilities and issues were identified by a specialized team.
  • Ever improving security posture as the observations through testing work their way into the architecture and security standards for new projects.

Our Partnership and Expertise

Advanced AWS Consulting Partner

AWS Partner Network (APN) is the global partner program focused on assisting the APN Partners to build successful AWS solutions by providing them with business, technical, marketing and go-to-market support. As an Advanced Consulting Partner, we provide our clients with opportunities to create new solutions and offer best in class support.

Flexible Delivery Capabilities with our Managed Solutions

Over 2.7 million experienced professionals at Robert Half support Protiviti’s core team of consultants, operating from over 400 offices across 25 countries. All those local professionals mean that we’ll find the specialized skills you need fast, without on-the-job training and minimal to no travel costs. It also means we can ramp up — or down —depending on your budget and needs.

Ramesh Gupta
Managing Director