Secure your cloud environment with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Cloud technology is revolutionizing businesses globally and transforming entire industries across sectors and regions. It facilitates the creation of innovative business models, improves customer and partner relations, and enables a smooth transition from outdated systems to flexible, scalable, and efficient IT infrastructure.

Protiviti helps clients maximize shareholder value by enabling seamless and secure cloud adoption and operations. Our team helps clients minimize risk by identifying and overcoming security, privacy, and regulatory barriers. Our cloud services are backed by our extensive business and technical expertise, proven methodologies, and a comprehensive approach to strategy and execution.

We provide services in various security areas

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Infrastructure Security

Our comprehensive security solutions include ZTNA, SWG, and CASB to protect workloads from malicious traffic.

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Threat Detection and Response

We offer expertise, training, and implementation of SOAR, SOC, penetration testing, and SIEM solutions.

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Perimeter Protection

We provide protection for applications and origin infrastructure from threats like DDoS, SQL injection, and cross-site scripting using AWS Shield, AWS WAF, and AWS Firewall Manager.

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Application Security

We assess code, logic, and apps to detect vulnerabilities and threats in cloud environments, providing comprehensive security for your infrastructure and data.

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Compliance and Privacy

We provide expert support and software for compliance and privacy in the cloud, including third-party certifications, CSPM, and CWPP implementation.

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Data Protection

We help clients secure critical information with robust solutions, including database security, DLP, email security, S3 file scanning, and encryption key management.

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Identity and Access Management

We offer guidance, implementation, and training for IAM solutions, including CIEM, IGA, and PAM.



John is a Managing Director and leads the Cloud Security practice, focusing on healthcare, retail, consumer goods and services, financial services, and payment processing. He brings more than 25 years of technology experience with 13+ years in cloud security and privacy ...
Jeff is a proven security professional and leader on the cloud security team, specializing in network security, program design and architecture, compliance, secure edge services, and DevSecOps. Jeff has extensive experience leading companies to the next stage of growth ...