2019 Finance Trends Survey

2019 Finance Trends Survey

Today's Finance Priorities: Security, Data, Analytics and Internal Customers

CFOs and finance executives are focused as much on strategic matters as operational issues. As new threats (e.g., cybersecurity and data breaches) and opportunities (e.g., the emergence of new talent management models and powerful new technologies) appear, organizations count on their CFOs and finance team to drive behavioral changes needed to execute more, and increasingly strategic, finance priorities while improving their service to internal customers.


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Lease Accounting: Lessons Learned & Internal Controls Implications

Based on our recently released 2019 Finance Priorities Survey, less than one in five organizations have finished work on the new lease accounting standard. With public companies coming on line with every passing quarter, and a very brief respite for private companies, it’s imperative not to underestimate the challenges of implementing no matter where you are in the journey to compliance.

This webinar will share lessons learned from adopters-to-date and highlight how companies that follow a complete and thoughtful roadmap can successfully execute the transition to the new accounting standard.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss lessons learned and best practices from implementing the new standard
  • Examine internal control implications faced by early and on-time adopters to date
  • Identify key points of focus for companies which have either not started or not finished adopting the new standard


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