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Consumer products and services companies operate in exciting and uncertain times. Individual consumer behavior is more pluralistic, fragmenting markets and company offerings. Consumers globally are increasingly consuming services over goods as comfort with the “do-it-for-me” economy takes hold. This trend is paired with companies gaining unprecedented opportunities to understand consumer needs, preferences and behaviors through connected devices and other digital connections. However, this connectivity is not just one way, as consumers, suppliers and retailers are all increasingly sharing information. This sharing creates opportunities for enhanced consumer experience and collaborative value chains, but also for greater cyber vulnerabilities and reputation risk. There are enormous opportunities for leaders that are able to see more deeply into the changing landscape and beyond short-term challenges to position themselves for long-term success. 

Protiviti partners with leaders to help them achieve greater confidence in these changing environments. We seek to understand the unique strengths, risks and opportunities of your organization and where you want to take your business. We then collaborate with you to build custom solutions that maximize your chances for success and bring a tailored, multi-disciplinary team of professionals that fits your situation and company culture. While the process is never simple, our goal is, to help you face the future with confidence.


What’s Trending Now

We help consumer products and services organizations manage critical business challenges to help them face the future with confidence. Here are some of the most pressing issues we are helping organizations to manage. 


Consumer products and services companies are targets for cyberattacks because of their customer and payment information, and highly visible brands. Confidence in cybersecurity does not come from believing nothing will happen, it is achieved by knowing all the things that can happen and being prepared. Protiviti provides a holistic approach that defines what is most important to you, helping you to protect yourself and also react quickly when a breach occurs.

Digital Transformation

Continuously enhancing customer experience through service and technologies is requirement for consumer products and services organizations. Equally important is driving greater efficiency and effectiveness in the back office to thrive in low margin environments. We help you to see the opportunities in fast moving markets, aligning people, processes and technology to transform your organization and customer experience, helping you to face the future with confidence.

Business Intelligence

Improving how you understand, organize and leverage your data assets is a business imperative. The challenge is identifying and capturing information in disparate systems and then organizing and managing this information to create business insights. Protiviti takes a pragmatic “one size does not fit all” perspective. We tailor solutions that fit your organization, enhancing business value through more efficient collection, distribution and usage of information.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulators are monitoring the impact of products on consumers’ health and well-being, trying to levy higher taxes on products that are considered unhealthy, introducing measures to improve product safety, scrutinizing product claims and labels, and discouraging marketing to children. We can help you address emerging trends and existing regulatory demands through solutions that position your organization for sustainable performance and compliance now and in the future. 

Cost and Performance Management

Faster, cheaper and better are not options for most consumer products and services companies, they are imperatives. In today’s competitive global environment, the ability to make and manage smart capital investments, run efficient back-office operations and manage cash flow are critical. We help you identify and implement cost management efforts while driving performance, in both good times and those more challenging. 

Transactions, Mergers and Acquisitions

Consumer products and services organizations frequently pursue transactions to grow their businesses. These can be mergers or acquisitions to expand the scope of operations, divestitures to focus on core competencies or capital infusions from the public or private markets. In all these situations, we provide independent advisory and due diligence services, helping you take action to maximize value available today and position you for success in the future.

Evolution of Internal Controls

In the fast-changing global market, control is critical to success. However, the demands on internal audit and finance functions continue to increase as the expectation today is not just for accurate reporting, but insights that can improve the business. We can help you steer your company with greater precision and prescience, increasing confidence you are on the right path with world class internal audit and finance functions.

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