TBI Protiviti Board Risk Oversight Meter

Board Risk Oversight Meter

TBI Protiviti Board Risk Oversight Meter

A New Way to Improve Board Risk Oversight

The Board Institute, Inc. (TBI), in partnership with Protiviti, a global consulting firm, has released TBI Protiviti Board Risk Oversight Meter™ to enable boards of directors to assess and improve the effectiveness of their risk oversight processes. In developing this unique evaluation and educational tool, the two organizations collaborated with an advisory consortium of governance experts and active board members. The result is an easy-to-use, web-based tool that will help boards of directors to assist the organizations they serve manage risk in today’s complex business environment. 

TBI Protiviti Board Risk Oversight Meter leverages years of research to provide a tool that enables a board to highlight its strengths and limitations through a participative process and insightful reporting of the range of responses, the mean response, best practices, anonymous commentary, and selected legal and regulatory requirements germane to board risk oversight.

The TBI Protiviti Board Risk Oversight Meter will provide substantive support for the board’s efforts to comply with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission rules requiring all public companies to disclose the extent of their boards’ role in the risk oversight of the company. In addition, as regulatory attention on the appropriate involvement of the board with the company’s management of risk increases, particularly in financial services, the focus on the quality of the underlying risk oversight process intensifies.

Boards interested in using the TBI Protiviti Risk Oversight Meter should visit The Board Institute web site at http://theboardinstitute.com/board-risk-meter/ for who to contact at TBI. For more information about this board evaluation tool, read The Protiviti View blog.

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