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Compliance Insights - Apr 2017

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Risk Management

Enabling Speed of Innovation Through Effective Third-Party Risk Management

This white paper summarizes key elements of an effective third-party risk management lifecycle and how to manage the elements of an R&D process adapted for innovation to support and streamline growth and adopt new technology. 

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Risk of Material Weaknesses at Emerging Growth Companies

The PCAOB’s white paper provides a number of observations regarding EGCs. We also review the implications for EGCs that report material weaknesses in their internal control over financial reporting and offer guidance to affected organizations to help them avoid or overcome such findings.

A Reputation on the Rise

Insider's Guide to Internal Audit in Large Financial Institutions

The observations in this paper are based on interviews with internal audit and PPG leaders within large, U.S.-based financial services companies (those with assets under management of greater than $50 billion).

Cybersecurity Insurance - Protiviti

Cybersecurity Regulatory Issues in the Insurance Industry

The past two years have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of successful cyber-attacks in the insurance industry. Taken together, over 100 million Americans have had their personally identifiable information compromised in insurance sector data breaches. Cybercriminals know that insurance companies use and store large amounts of personal information on their policyholders, and as such, the bull’s-eye on the insurance sector will continue to grow.

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Working at Protiviti

Learn about how at Protiviti, we come together to share diverse ideas and experiences, grow professionally and personally, and collaborate to create a better future for our people, our clients and the communities in which we live and work.

How We Help Our Clients Succeed


National Vision goes 20/20 with next-level enterprise data solution by Protiviti

Protiviti helped the optical retailer in building a data management system that propelled the company into the hypergrowth it envisioned.
How an unforeseen post-merger crisis led to finance and accounting operations improvement

“Rolling in Cash”: How an Unforeseen Post-merger Crisis Led to Finance and Accounting Operations Improvement

Protiviti helped the organization realize the value of a structured accounting and finance operation that had defined roles and leveraged desktop procedures, tracking systems and strong reporting to keep projects and activities on schedule. This has enabled the company to improve its cash management and accounts receivable functions greatly, and regain the confidence of its partners and business associates.
Textile Rubber and Chemical Company Drives Cost Savings With Real-Time Analytics Powered by SAP HANA

TRCC Drives Cost Savings With Analytics Powered by SAP HANA™

To ensure a successful BI environment, TRCC partnered with Protiviti to implement best practices with SAP HANA and SAP HANA Live. The Protiviti team consulted with business stakeholders during several sessions to under­stand and develop the necessary requirements, then used the identified short- and long-term goals to create a BI road map and establish milestones.
How one internal audit department became an organizational asset

How An Internal Audit Department became an Organizational Asset

The food manufacturing giant is the latest in a new breed of companies whose internal audit departments purposely have set out to shift from a “policing” role to that of a strategic adviser to the executive board on key decisions.
Debt deal gives technology firm a shot in the arm

Debt Deal Gives Technology Firm a Shot in the Arm

No organization enters a credit agreement intending to default on it, but when a banking relationship sours, trust suffers, and it can be hard for the borrower to move forward. When a fast-growing technology firm defaulted on financial and operational covenants, its banker demanded immediate repayment in full. Unable to come up with the cash or find another bank willing to refinance, the firm was quickly running out of options. Liquidation loomed.