Infographic: Consumer Products and Retail Executive Perspectives on Top Risks for 2022 and 2031

Whether it’s challenges in the supply chain, rising cost of products, raw materials and shipping, disruptive technologies, labor shortages, data breaches, or restrictive government policies, the list of market-changing risks facing the retail and consumer packaged goods industry is long and daunting.

These risk issues and more are identified in Protiviti’s latest annual Top Risks Survey, which polled 1,453 C-suite executives around the globe from different industries on their perceptions of risks to their business in the coming year and a decade from now.

Top Risks 2022-2031 Retailcpg



Carol Raimo
Carol is Protiviti's Global Consumer Products and Services Industry Lead. She is responsible for setting Protiviti’s strategy to provide industry specific solutions to our clients as they transform their business. Strategic areas of focus include e commerce, omnichannel ...