Podcast | Preparing for the Quantum Threat to Cryptography and Cryptocurrency

Cybersecurity continues to be a critical area of concern for organizations and virtually any leader you ask – board members, CIOs, CFOs, and many more. But as elevated as those risks are today, the real threat may be just around the corner, particularly concerning cryptocurrency. Crypto has been viewed as highly secure, but the rapid emergence of quantum computing, which is set to deliver practical applications and capabilities within just a few years, is changing the game.

Protiviti recently conducted a webinar on this topic titled “Preparing for the Quantum Threat to Cryptography and Cryptocurrency.” The lead expert and host of this webinar was Protiviti Associate Director Konstantinos Karagiannis, who is head of Quantum Computing Services at Protiviti and also hosts his own podcast called “The Post-Quantum World,” available wherever you get your podcast content. Konstantinos has been helping companies with quantum computing threats and opportunities since 2012.

In this podcast, we address some of the many questions that came in during the webinar that Konstantinos was unable to get to during the webinar itself.

Protiviti’s webinar, “Preparing for the Quantum Threat to Cryptography and Cryptocurrency,” is available on demand here.

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