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Welcome to the July edition of Industry Insights for Consumer Products and Retail.

As we find ourselves in the heart of summer, July offers the perfect opportunity to reflect and recalibrate for the remainder of the year. This month, we turn our focus to the critical issues of data privacy and the evolving landscape of AI and emerging technologies. Read on to explore strategies to navigate this complex terrain and ensure your business remains both cutting-edge and compliant.

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Trusted Partnerships and Collaborative Efforts Drive Success in Data Privacy Initiatives

Establishing a trusted, reliable data privacy program and its associated policies and governance can prove challenging for companies looking to build their global brands. In this case, the client had just invested in several OneTrust modules and was beginning to develop an internal privacy and governance structure.

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Scott Laliberte on the State of AI and Emerging Tech and the Competing Drives to Innovate and Regulate It

In this conversation with Scott Laliberte, Managing Director and Global Leader of Protiviti’s Emerging Technology Group, Scott discusses all those emerging technologies and if, how and why and when the government should regulate them, and he offers his feedback on a few emerging tech data points from the Protiviti-Oxford global survey on the future of government.

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