Jackie Sanz

Managing Director

Jackie is Managing Director of Canada’s Risk and Compliance practice. Over her 30-year career, Jackie has been recognized as a business-centric leader with significant achievement in the development and implementation of effective risk-based integrated compliance and audit frameworks and programs across multiple jurisdictions. As a strategic thinker, Jackie provides risk-disciplined advice, sustaining focus on business objectives and priorities and navigates the complexity of detail, leveraging technology, to focus resources on high risk, high impact compliance activities, ensuring there is balance between regulatory expectations, risk tolerance, business priorities, financial performance, client needs and shareholder value. Jackie brings over 19 years hands-on experience in the management and oversight of compliance, audit and governance activities of a multinational financial institution covering all aspects of financial services (consumer lending, deposit-taking, brokerage, portfolio management, structured products, investment funds, etc.).

Relevant Experience

  • Regulatory reviews and remediation – Management of in excess of 25 regulatory reviews across 6 countries and with over 9 regulatory authorities, covering multiple financial services industries and AML; Acted as independent monitor in connection with the validation of remediation undertaken by multiple financial institutions to address AML/ATF, Sanctions and regulatory matters; Seconded to a Canadian regulator to develop compliance program for the asset management sector.
  • Internal Audit – Creation of and internal audit function for a Canadian-based international financial services firm and the development of a risk-based framework to identify target lines of business for the execution of internal control audits. Collaboration with Compliance to ensure regulatory and legal risks and key internal controls are identified, tested and results shared with the CCO, to inform their compliance supervisory and monitoring activities. Collaboration with external auditors to leverage internal audit resources in the execution of the audit of the firm and of the investment funds to inform internal risk assessments, compliance activities and reduce overall external audit costs.
  • Risk management and oversight – Development of a compliance risk framework, mapping regulatory control objectives to internal controls and results of compliance testing and supervision to establish residual risk; Development of a framework to nimbly adjust compliance programs to address high risk, high impact business activities to focus limited compliance resources to mitigate and maintain risks within acceptable tolerance levels;
  • AML/ATF and Sanctions – Developed and implemented the compliance framework, policies & procedures, compliance oversight and firm-wide ongoing training to address regulatory obligations and industry best practices; Selecting data scrubbing vendor solutions to identify PEP/HIOs and to scrub against sanctions and ministerial directive lists; Developed operational processes to scrub clients against all published lists and implemented an escalation and reporting framework to ensure timely action.
  • Compliance framework & program evaluation and enhancement – Developed a compliance cycle framework that continuously reviews and assesses the effectiveness of firm internal controls in addressing regulatory control objectives, allowing for the continual and nimble update of compliance supervisory and testing programs to effectively manage regulatory and compliance risks.

Areas of Expertise

  • Governance and Board Effectiveness
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Compliance and Regulatory Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Risk and controls frameworks
  • Regulatory Audits & Remediation
  • Internal Audits
  • Financial Statement Audits
  • Risk Based Compliance Program Design and Execution

Industry Expertise

  • Chief Compliance Officer, Senior Complaints Officer, Chief Anti-Money Laundering Officer, Chief Privacy Officer & Chief Auditor of an international financial institution head quartered in Canada
  • Global Head of Compliance & Oversight

Professional and Industry Memberships

  • Member of the Certified Professional Accountants of Ontario
  • Member of the Practices and Standards Committee of the Portfolio Manager Association of Canada (PMAC)