Oilfield Services


In the early years of the industry, large oil producers would rely on vertically integrated outfits to control everything from land acquisition to product delivery. However, in recent decades, industry leaders have ceded the need to control these assets and personnel and now rely heavily upon experts within the Oilfield Services industry. As a result, Oilfield Services companies play an integral role within the energy procurement industry and are at the leading edge of technology solutions, cost-efficiency, and engineering expertise to solve complex challenges in the field. Oil and gas exploration often occur in some of the most remote places with the harshest conditions in the world. Protiviti's Oilfield Services clients provide a myriad of roles from start to finish of the energy acquisitions process, through seismic exploration, transport services, drill site preparation, drilling execution, well evaluation and completion, well stimulation, and production servicing. The current state of oil prices has billions of dollars in fixed costs in the form of infrastructure, yet specialized tools and machinery and facilities sit idle as Energy and Production clients scale back capital investments. In this environment, Oilfield Services leaders are pushing technology barriers by focusing on streamlining their operations without sacrificing regulatory requirements or employee safety.

Protiviti's Energy and Utilities industry consultants can help you optimize financial, operational, regulatory and technology systems and processes. Our team has diverse knowledge and industry resources cultivated through years of supporting Oilfield Services companies during financial downturns, boom times, global economic commodity price uncertainty, and through domestic and international operational challenges. This expertise has enabled Protiviti to successfully support Oilfield Services clients to respond to the challenges they face in real-time, while helping organizations innovate, restructure and emerge stronger after any crisis or challenge.



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