Customer Experience

Innovating human connections to build a better-connected future

Customer experience has emerged as a pivotal driver of business growth, with each customer interaction shaping brand perception and loyalty. Customer experience leaders must navigate the rapidly changing business dynamics of today, seamlessly connect experiences, orchestrate them within their organisations, all while continuously reimagining external and internal experiences to align with consumers and employees evolving expectations.

Innovating human connections is what inspires us. We know it inspires you too. That’s why we help leaders to create and deliver exceptional experiences that offer excitement, build trust and drive business growth. We operate at the intersection of strategy, design, technology enablement and governance to unlock revenue growth, customer loyalty, and bring your brand promise to life.

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Our Customer Experience services

We leverage relationship-powered practices to help you reimagine your experience ecosystem and create differentiated experiences.
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Experience Strategy & Innovation

We connect and re-envision experiences to bring your brand promise to life and your customer’s and employee’s perspective to the forefront.

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Experience Design

We purposefully design meaningful experiences, leveraging your brand promise as a compass for how to improve the quality of interactions and provide differentiated value in the marketplace.

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Customer Care & Engagement

We partner with our clients to connect and personalise customer conversations across interactions and channels with unifying technologies, programs and managed services.

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Experience Governance

Infusing CX practices across your business involves a shared customer-first mentality and governance to coordinate cross-functional team efforts. Our organising frameworks and playbooks help you establish measurements, policies, and processes to ensure adherence and excellence.

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Customer Journey Mapping

Acting as a foundation for customer experiences, we develop journey maps that identify the most important customer touch points and connect those to the most impactful initiatives. Each journey represents a unique stage of the customer experience and helps accelerate value across the end-to-end lifecycle.


Experience Orchestration

We help customers power cross-channel personalisation at scale by providing context and access to the right knowledge, data, and behaviors.


Our Approach

Our promise is to help you live out your brand promise.

As experience makers, strategists, and technologists, we create experiences and environments that connect people with brands. Every interaction is an opportunity to deliver on your brand’s promise, fulfill an unmet customer need and build trusted relationships. We use human-centered design and strategies to stay rooted in purpose, while elevating experiences past the point of simple utility to create lasting relationships and loyalty.

Nearly all our practitioners have start-up DNA in their background, as well as consulting or agency experience. In many cases, all three. This integration of disciplines allows us to leverage our unique perspective to address your challenges and deliver results.

Our approach is grounded in empathy for understanding and agile thinking for rapid action and focus on those you serve.


Joan Smith
Joan Smith is a Managing Director and leader of Protiviti Digital, which includes strategy, transformation, customer experience, creative and technology. Joan has 20+ years of applied experience across both the digital and customer landscape, guiding CMO’s and Digital ...
Scott Bolderson
Scott leads the Business Performance Improvement solution in the UK. Prior to this Scott was a part of the Protiviti Technology Consulting solution and spent over 15 years helping to grow this solution. Scott joined the firm in 2004 to help launch the UK business, ...

Key partners

We partner with best-in-class technologies to bring leading thinking and capabilities to our clients.  Our primary partners include:

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Case Studies

In the fiercely competitive credit card industry, banks struggle to grow their brands by differentiating their cards from all the others. Many try to do this through low rates, giveaways and various partnerships. However, the most visionary among banks understand that customer experience (CX) is at the center of success and is the engine to grow their brand.

A large global bank — a Protiviti client — wanted more than customer loyalty; the bank wanted customer advocates who’d bring new business by recommending the bank’s cards. This story is all about developing and designing digital customer experiences that win customer loyalty — and advocacy.