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July 10, 2023

Internal Auditing Around the World®

The 19th volume of Protiviti’s Internal Auditing Around the World® builds on a theme we explored in-depth earlier this year in our 2023 Next-Generation Internal Audit Survey — internal audit relevance.

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Technology Insight

Technology Insights

Welcome to September issue of Technology Insights. Explore new webinars, videos, blogs, podcasts and much more.

Take a New Approach to Succession Planning and Leadership Development

Delivering results — and the 60-hour-a-week grind fests that doing so demanded — often sufficed for “leadership development.” Not anymore.What’s at...
Sustainability and Private Markets: A Structured Approach to Value Creation
Insights paper

Sustainability and Private Markets: A Structured Approach to Value Creation

The ESG regulatory landscape is starting to form: In the public markets worldwide, companies are trying to determine how to respond to and incorporate...

Advanced Analytics in Sanctions Compliance

The adoption of advanced analytical tools and emerging technologies such as AI and ML has continued to gain enterprise adoption across compliance...
Helping Quantum Computing Startups Code— with qBraid

Podcast | Helping Quantum Computing Startups Code— with qBraid

If you build an easy-to-use portal to the world of quantum coding, eventually, companies are going to take notice and want to offer the environment to...

The 5G Effect

As the world advances into a more digitized and connected future, what can be learned from organizations that are successfully deploying 5G technology...
SAP Insights Hero

SAP Insights

Whether you need assistance in finance transformation, data & analytics, security & privacy, regulatory compliance, or business consulting, we...
Best practices for promotion

CFO Insights

This month, we focus on what CFOs must know about managing risk when using generative AI, insights on how proper workforce planning can have a huge...