Pharma and Life Sciences

Pharma Life Sciences

The complexity of risks facing life sciences and pharmaceutical companies is greater than ever before. From IP protection to areas such as drug pricing, reduced funding for all but specific biotechnology research, tax reform, supply chain challenges and tariffs, we understand the impact these risks have on how life sciences and pharmaceutical companies do business. We build custom solutions that maximise your chances for success, deploying a tailored, multidisciplinary team of professionals who fit your situation and company culture.

We collaborate with drug manufacturers, life sciences companies, medical device manufacturers, biotech companies and CRO's to confidently embrace the future.

In today’s rapidly evolving environment, a trusted advisor — who not only provides relevant insights but delivers a combination of strategic vision, proven expertise and practical experience — can enhance the value of your business. 

Pharma Life Sciences

Our services

Our experts provide industry-specific solutions tailored to your organisation’s unique needs in the following areas:
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Technology Strategy and Operations and Software Services

Companies often make limited investments within IT, as investments are primarily focused on R&D activities and funding clinical trials. Commercialisation requires a refocus on IT systems and infrastructure to ensure they can support the transition to a mature pharmaceutical company. We help emerging companies develop and implement a road map for success.

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Supply Chain and Operations Solutions

The pandemic has put broad pressure on the global supply chain due to both an overwhelming demand for select supplies, as well as reduced workforce availability and global trade challenges. We help our clients build resiliency into their operations.

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Cybersecurity and Privacy Services

As more systems move to virtual environments, the risk of cyber threats and liabilities grows. We help build a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy to protect intellectual property, clinical trial data, employee data and patient information from theft or misuse.

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Public Company Transformation Services

Making the leap from an R&D-focused organisation to a commercial organisation requires the right combination of resources, processes and technology. We support a commercial launch and also scale to support organisational growth with our proven PCT and SOX programs.



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