Sustainability Consulting

Our world is changing. Are you leading the way to positive, sustainable change? 


Sustainability continues to evolve as companies recognise supporting environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is essential to survive in the marketplace. We know that sustainability defines an organisation, setting it apart from its competitors while impacting the whole organisation in varying ways and intensities. Yet, while many companies are aware they must act, they find it difficult to tackle ESG operating and reporting issues.

We believe sustainability is a continuous journey, presenting risks and opportunities. There are no blueprints or out-of-the-box solutions, and each company needs an individualised approach to ESG reporting and operations. 

Protiviti partners with our clients to effectively manage sustainability risks and maximise opportunities, while delivering financial value. Delivering sustainability solutions that future-proof organisations to maximise positive impact without sacrificing performance. 

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A holistic approach to Sustainability

Sustainability is a complex, multi-dimensional topic, with varying levels of understanding across industries and companies. Protiviti works closely with our clients to effectively evaluate what ESG means for your organisation, helping build, implement, execute, monitor and report on ESG objectives that will evolve and grow with your organisation. We want clients to understand the bigger picture, and to clearly identify where you can have the greatest impact on society and the environment, while maximising performance. By focusing and implementing sustainability into your strategy, values, structures, processes, services, and products, you will also realise the value doing good brings.

Protiviti offers a holistic and integrated approach to position your organisation for continued, long-term success.

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Key partners

Through our alliance partnerships, we connect innovative services and technology with consulting expertise to optimise key processes and business performance initiatives.


Paul Middleton
Paul joined Protiviti in August 2018 and leads our capital markets business in London. Focused on 1st Line trading and risk management initiatives, Paul works closely with our global Solutions to shape advisory, transformation and remediation initiatives across ...
Steve Wang
Steve has over 19 years of extensive internal audit experience working in the manufacturing, hospitality, gaming, telecommunications, retail, and banking industries. Prior to joining Protiviti, Steve has worked with two public accounting firms: Deloitte & Touche and ...
Christopher Wright
Chris is a Managing Director in New York, leads Protiviti's global Finance Transformation and Transaction Services solutions and serves on our global ESG steering committee.  These practices guide clients through complex reporting, transaction and transformation ...
Robert Hirth
Bob Hirth is a Senior Managing Director and served as Co-Vice Chair of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and is COSO Chair Emeritus. He serves on our global ESG steering committee and is a frequent keynote speaker on the topic of ESG around the world. ...
Ellen Holder
Ellen Holder ist Expertin für die Arbeit an Schnittstellen: Bei der Optimierung von Prozessen und Strukturen achtet sie auf die Balance von Chancen und Risiken. Für die Bewertung der (Risiko-)Kultur in Unternehmen verknüpft sie die organisatorische mit der ...
Jonathan Wyatt
Jonathan Wyatt is a Managing Director in London and is responsible for our operations in Europe.  Jonathan and has almost 30 years’ experience in Technology & Business consulting, helping organisation transform, embrace the latest technologies, whilst managing ...
Keisuke Yorihiro
KC joined Protiviti Japan in November 2020 as Executive Principal and assumed Financial Services Industry Internal Audit leader. For four years to 2019, KC served as Statutory Executive Officer/Chief Auditor at MetLife Insurance K.K., the six largest life insurer in ...


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