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November 2023

Cyber Risk Quantification Empowers Multichannel Retail Giant to Improve Risk Management

This quick (1:26) video details how a North American multichannel retailer, struggling to establish a risk quantification program, worked with Protiviti and the four client values we delivered. Watch now!

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White House Issues Executive Order to "Seize the Promise and Manage the Risks" of Artificial Intelligence

What you should know: In his first Executive Order on artificial intelligence, President Biden is directing various federal agencies to identify the risks of the technology as well as harness the benefits.

Why it matters: Regulatory and legislative changes are coming, so it's important to watch the details.

Our insights: In this Flash Report, we summarise the key directives contained in the executive order, address key takeaways and concerns for organisations to consider, and outline steps businesses can take to prepare for changes in the AI regulatory landscape.

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Thinking Beyond the 7Rs of Cloud Migration

In a recent blog, we introduced the drivers for cloud migration, the strategies for it and the most common types of cloud migrations available to organisations. Now, we take a closer look at what drives a successful cloud migration and think beyond the 7Rs of migration to embrace a transformative approach to modern cloud migrations.

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Tuesday, December 12, 1 p.m., EDT — Leading Practices for a Successful Deployment of Data Lifecycle and Records Management

A records management system is a solution purpose-built to help manage an organisation’s regulatory, legal and business obligations for their records. Microsoft Purview offers a suite of powerful tools and features to help you manage your records at scale. In this interactive webinar, our experts will discuss:

  • How to make data lifecycle and records management a critical aspect of your successful business strategy
  • How to plan and prepare for a successful records management and data lifecycle deployment
  • An overview of how Microsoft Purview can help you achieve your organisation's legal obligations, provide the ability to demonstrate compliance with regulations and increase business efficiency
  • Actionable next steps and leading practices regarding how your organisation can start managing records more efficiently. 

Please note: This webinar does NOT offer CPE credit.

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And the Survey Said . . .  


Results from our latest Global Finance Trends Survey, based on responses from over 900 finance leaders worldwide, show that CFOs recognise the volume and magnitude of the challenges bearing down on them and their finance groups. Our report provides an in-depth look at the priorities on the minds of CFOs and finance leaders, along with practical calls to action for them to address these challenges.

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More Hot Topics with Protiviti Leaders

How Businesses Can Best Use Microsoft

Managing Director Tom Andreesen shares his insights on how businesses are using Microsoft Solutions and maximising their investment in those technologies by embracing innovation and collaboration. Discover how Protiviti can help your organisation maximise its investment in Microsoft Solutions.

Top Questions for IT Leaders: Application, Innovation and Modernisation

In IT, leaders are focused on moving faster and meeting the business where it is, which can be a challenge when it comes to technical debt. The real question for leaders is: How can I innovate and modernise at the same time? Managing Director Amanda Downs explains how we can help when it comes to meeting the business's current needs, helping it grow and adopting and scaling through our technology solutions.

Building Secure IoT Systems: Benefits and Risks

IoT devices bring great benefits, but also pose tremendous risks to the business — from both a business perspective and a security perspective — especially when not managed correctly. Managing Director Scott Laliberte explains how we help bridge the gap between technology and business leaders to transform their technology and reap the benefits — everything from building secure IoT devices that function properly in the marketplace to deploying these technologies and managing them over their lifecycles.


By Christine Livingston and Antonio Maio

Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is a hot topic these days, and not just in the IT world. The statistics indicate off-the-charts interest in GenAI’s capabilities, with AI spending predicted to more than double to $300 billion by 2026. Organisations are gearing up, determining how to best incorporate GenAI to significantly enhance their customer relations, revenue growth, cost optimisation, business continuity and more. Our own recent white paper discusses the rapid rise of GenAI and how organisations can make the most of this incredible technology while also recognising and balancing the inherent risks.

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By Steve Allen

Data is the lifeblood of today’s digitally transformed business environment and is growing rapidly as it is estimated that 90 percent of the world’s existing data was created in the last two years alone. With such rapid growth, simply understanding the context of what data is important to keep, classifying that data and organising it into a useful form cannot happen without the support of technology. 

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